Monday, August 14, 2017

Remember When?

I love my life when I see its value for me.
I see it all differently when I drop my regret and judgment.
I forgive and release the past, so I can live and give in the present.
I learn lessons in all things and from everyone.

Do You Remember the Good Memories?

I just returned from Michigan where many good memories were experienced.
I visited long time spiritual friends and family when much we learned and taught.
I felt the Michigan breeze and watched the daytime clouds and nighttime stars.
I felt what was created together for healing, enjoyment, service and ministry.

It is also birthday time when much comes to the surface to remember and enjoy.
My father and grandfather are Leos.
Our Dickerson family Reunion is the 2nd weekend in August.
It is the last time for summer fun, before school begins again.

What do you remember?
What were your best times?
What brings out the happy nostalgia in you?
What were your favorite foods and games and friendships?

Memories are meant to inspire and celebrate.
Remembering is the way we review all that we have done.
Memories help us find missing pieces, especially with others.
Remembering brings latent learning and the opportunity to express gratitude.

Often people remember what went wrong.
Consider turning it around and see the gifts it all brought you.
Look deeply and see things differently especially when you erase with love.
Remembering can be the scavenger hunt to find the love and good stuff.

On this visit I noticed what value of these relationships.
I became aware of what my energy brings to each situation.
I enjoyed being seen differently by others.
I had the opportunity to give thanks for all the good,

Memories can be melancholic or inspirational.
They stay with us to heal something or to receive the blessings.
We can always look for the sun behind the clouds.
We can seek the mystery messages in what was not expressed.

As we mature, often everyone sees the experience in a new light.
Only when we keep it in the dark, in secret and locked away for no one to see.
When we turn on the light and see the highlights, we begin to see what was always there.
The learning and healing, the growth and discovery, the development of our character and values.

Always seek the benefits of what is remembered.
Use the memories to return to what you valued.
Take time to once again savor the good and wash away the hurt.
Now is your time to see it all deeply and with appreciation.

Blessings of all Good,
Betty Lue