Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Is Calling You?

I trust my inner voice that guides my life.
I listen within and know that Love leads the way.
I am at peace and all is well.
Love heals and reveals all I need to know.

Calling You?

What still small whispers to you hear?
What is urging you to come out and play?
What inspires and energizes you?
What invites you to be truly helpful?

Do you know your heart can sing?
Do you feel you have something still to give?
Do you understand how good it feels to make a difference?
Do you realize everyone deserves to feel their inner light?

You came for a healing and helpful purpose.
You came to help someone and maybe many.
Wherever you go, look around and see who is looking for you?
Whatever you do, listen inside your heart for the call to reach out.

There are so many lonely and forgotten.
There is so much to do for goodness sake.
Many want to learn, to laugh and to love.
And you may be the one to show them how.

Now is our time to turn no one away.
Now we are called to touch someone with Love.
Now we are the ones who know the way.
Look around and see what touches your heart.

You can stay home and give to what you see on TV.
Contribute monthly to Kiva, to homeless animals, to St. Judes,… wherever you feel drawn.
Call relatives who are alone or your next door neighbor.
Send prayer to countries, leaders, disasters and love to all humanity.

Love flows, like Reiki, to wherever it is needed.
Giving and forgiving brings us together as family of humanity.
We are all here to forgive our withholding and still flow our Love.
We came to join together for a better way and a better world.

It begins with you and me to set us free from hate and fear and bigotry.
We can make the change within our own mind and heart.
No one left outside our love, at home and work and everywhere.
We know what to do when we listen within to clear the blocks to simply loving.

Listen within and respond every day with “Yes, I am willing!”
“Yes I will give the best in me, in photos and words and beauty I see.
Yes, I will be helpful and relinquish all harm.
Yes, I will offer what I have to keep our lives safe and warm.”

I am calling you and me to extend love to all we see.
Trust is the gift of allowing life to be.
Love is letting go of fear.
Loving you,
Betty Lue