Saturday, April 22, 2017

Your EARTH Home

I appreciate where I am.
I value where I live.
I take care of all I have.
I honor our Earth with respect and responsibility,

Your Home Is Where You Are.

If you are here, this is your home.
Wherever you are, make it your home.
Treat your home as you wish to be treated.
Live your life with the best intention, imagination, co-creation and action.

When you want the best, give your best.
When you seek what is good, give always your good.
When you live life well, be well and contribute what is well.
Be grateful that you have a home, a place to be that is free.

Too often we neglect what is ours to conserve and preserve.
Whether a tree house, a cave, a room or sleeping on a couch, you must take care.
When we are caring for where we are, we clean up after ourselves.
No more garbage left on the ground or in our basement or garage.

We are the stewards, temporary guardians, of what we have.
If we own it or create it or take it, we are responsible for its use and its disposal.
We have the ability to think and feel and do what is the right and true for ourselves.
Our earth home is ours to use well without confusion and abuse and unhealthy use.

What are you doing with what you have?
Have you considered the drain on you to have too much?
Do you understand the waste of our natural resources?
Are you grateful and enjoying the beauty, goodness and abundance you have?

This is a day to remember your planetary home.
We are given the amazing EARTH to have, to hold and to cherish.
This is our temporary home to leave for our children and grandchildren.
We have to opportunity to sanctify what is the Source and resource of our well being.

Are we respectful, responsible and cooperative with where we live?
Do we express gratitude for our daily life with the five elements?
Do we understand that our bodies come from the earth and return?
Are we aware in everyway we are the marriage of heaven and earth?

As spiritual beings in a physical body, we have the opportunity to create what is useful and good.
Whether home on the land or in our home or workplace, we can be respectful and responsible.
We can see what is helpful and preserve what is healthy for all on the planet.
While here we can take a little time to clean up any mess or mistakes we have made.

Be good to your home.
Be wise with your choices.
Live well with caring and sharing.
Contribute what is good and healthy and best for all concerned.

This is your Home.
Take care of it.
Treat it with consciousness.
Be grateful you are here.

Loving you,
Betty Lue