Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I now affirm and accept that which is Good for me and all.
I choose with wisdom, will and conscience.
I know what is highest and best for myself.
I trust in the choices I make.

Allow What Is To Be.

When one door closes, seek what is open.
When you are facing a roadblock, turn and seek the opening.
Where there seems to be a limitation, look for the opportunity.
Abundant living is always seeking the possibility and potential.

When some hear “No”, they quit on themselves.
When some hear an invitation, they always say, “Yes”.
We have free will to choose what is highest and best.
What is good for you requires your conscious choice,

Use your conscience.
Use you wisdom and will.
Use you desire to discern.
When you listen to your inner voice, you will know.

Your life encourages you to choose what is fun, safe and easy.
Your life invites you to be open- minded, flexible and willing.
Your life asks you to find Peace, happiness and trust.
Your life belongs to you and makes you responsible.

Choose what is enjoyable and leaves you happy.
Choose what is safe and loving for everyone.
Choose what is easy and flowing around the obstacles.
Choose what is truly good for you and those around you.

Some may judge you selfish, but who is your responsibility?
Are you not the one for whom you are the caretaker?
Is not your life the one that is given you to be given?
Are you the one for whom you must protect and ensure?

First listen and respond to your life with consideration
Then you can give to others without forsaking or demanding of them.
You cannot help anyone if you have not first helped yourself.
You can only keep yourself in good condition to show others how.

You were created to be able to respond to your own life with loving kindness.
Stop criticizing and judging and seek the best what to respond to all circumstances.
What is a blessing for you will bless others through its example and teaching.
Give yourself the best and you will give your best to others.

It is time we realize that denying ourselves is denying others.
Loving ourselves is truly loving others.
Let you life be a blessing to you.
Allow Love to naturally flow through you as you truly are.

Love is the Way,
Betty Lue