Wednesday, March 15, 2017

You Choose!

I trust the choices I make.
I know what is right for me right now.
I easily and quickly change my decisions when they no longer work.
I learn from every choice I make.

Which Way To Go?

Do you know what to choose?
Are you confused and conflicted?
Are you lost about what to do?
Are you waiting for someone to decide?

The choice is yours.
You are the one to make the decision.
Life is the school and you are the student.
Gather the information and then go with what is right for you.

Kids need guidance.
Youth need information.
Young adults need experience.
Mature folks need it all.

How do you make decisions?
Are you counting on others’ approval.
Do you wait for someone else’s opinion.
Are you a follower of the current fad or expert?

Some delay or do nothing.
Some seek guidance.
Some wait and see.
Some just go for it.

I rely on my experience.
I gather information.
I trust my inner wisdom.
I go with what feels right for me.

Choices often are based on our history.
When we watch others fail, we may learn not to trust.
When we watch others succeed, we may think they are know how.
When we watch others avoid choosing, we may believe the safest choice is to not choose.

We learn by doing and undoing.
We learn by watching and listening.
We learn to trust our inner conscience.
We learn by making mistakes, forgiving and choosing again.

Choose what feels, looks and seems best for you to do.
Observe with an open mind and learn.
If there is a better choice, it will be yours to choose again.
Trust every choice is to learn what is right for you.

Enjoying the choices I make and how much I learn,
Betty Lue