Thursday, July 07, 2016

Explore, Change and Transform!

I easily change my mind and my life.
I what I want to experience and am grateful it is so.
I know what I want and I go for it.
I trust myself to live a life of joy and gratitude.

7.7.7 Explore, Change and Transform

Explore your world.
Change your attitude.
Transform your thinking.
Live with wonder and joy.

To be free is to be fully alive.
To be open and willing is to trust.
To know and trust is to be at peace.
To be creative in thought, word and deed is to know great joy.

We live in an infinite world with so much to explore.
Constant learning and teaching is available to our minds.
Being open to what seems impossisble, we experience the unlimited.
We are here to enjoy it all.

We can heal our bodies.
We can be rich or poor.
We can change our beliefs.
We can stop hatred and war.

We can create beauty and order.
We can bring peace to our relationships.
We can choose again and again a new direction.
We are unlimited in our opportunities.

Are you giving yourself what you really want?
Do you dare to speak your mind to those who will listen?
Can you step out of your comfort zone and begin again?
Are you willing to do what you have always wanted to do?

Begin by a simple writing exercise.
What have I always wanted to do and have never done?   (Make a list.)
What have I always wanted to be and have never been?  ( Make a list.)
What have I always wanted to have and have never given myself? ( Make a list)

Dare to dream, envision and imagine.
Write down the most outrageous ideas that come to mind.
Put this list in a special place to be reviewed from time to time.
The work is to clear the fear, judgment, doubt and beliefs.

When I did this first many years ago, I experienced everything within a year of the exercise.
I realized that only I can limit myself.
I understood that the mind can be our limiter or can free us.
I learned that all things are possible to those who believe they can.

I believe in myself and I believe in you.
Betty Lue