Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

I remember only Love is Real and Lasting.
I remember the blessings of our forefathers and all they have taught.
I remember the loving kindness and guidance of all those who Love us.
I remember to never quit on Love.

Short Story of Reunion below.

Remember the Blessings.

What are you remembering?
Memory is a tool to be used for Good.
We are here to remember our holy purpose.
We are to remember what we are here to heal.

Let us heal all hearts by remembering to love.
Let us heal our regrets by remembering to forgive.
Let us heal the past by remembering it is no more.
Let us heal the present by remembering to stop the wars.

When we heal the hate, we will learn to love.
When we heal the fear, we will learn to forgive.
When we heal ourselves, we will release the pain.
When we heal the world, we will help everyone.

Let us remember the suffering by giving comfort.
Let us remember the violence by extending peace.
Let us remember the sacrifice, by offering our gratitude.
Let us remember the lack. by sharing our bounty.

Each one us is blessed with the opportunity to give.
Everyone can find their appreciation for all that has been given.
We can share with one another the ways we have forgiven.
We can show the miracles of love by being Love It Self.

In all circumstances, we can stop the madness.
We can control our emotions and release them in private.
We can relinquish all attack and learn to forgive instead.
We can suspend our judgments knowing we do not understand.

We are gifted with the gift of life.
We can use this life to remember the good by giving full appreciation.
We can use this day to bless all that have blessed us.
Bless everyone everywhere for joining us to teach and learn, to heal and be healed.

We came to have abundant life.
Many have helped and served and taught and sacrificed along the way.
Some have disturbed and challenged, taken and demanded, that we might learn.
We can choose  to learn from everyone and remember what is Good for All.

We can let go of everything that we no longer value and let it be no more.
We can erase and release what is not helpful to be repeated in our remembering.
We can undo the past, so we can choose again the present, taking with us only what is True.
We can choose to repeat stories that inspire, encourage and create what is Good for all.

Our memory is to be used to forgive what we no longer want to have.
Remember All that Is Whole and True and Loving.
Let us remember what our purpose is.
Loving you, Betty Lue

I remember the Gift of Reunion  and how it began in 1976.  
It was a gift to me, which I will always cherish and share with you.

The Story of Reunion

What is Reunion Ministries?
Reunion is reconnecting with ourselves, with others and with the Source of All That Is.
Reunion is remembering Love and returning to wholeness and Holiness.
Reunion is a safe place in which to discover your authentic self and live your purpose.
Reunion is the realization of your unlimited and creative potential.
Reunion is re-uniting with the One You Are and living in integrity.

In 1976 a group of parents came together through a Family Life Education class in Positive Parenting I was teaching at a local junior college.  They wanted to learn to be better parents, communicating with respect, living in Love and teaching by example. As the group grew in faith and freedom, respect and gratitude, they formed a non-profit to serve their families and communities without the need to formalize the organization. Pathways to Reunion was created to serve all people who sought to heal the past with forgiveness, treat others with respect and acceptance, envision and create a better ways to live and give everyday. Reunion was incorporated as a not-for profit church without walls (501.C3) January 15, 1981.

Reunion has founded 32 holistic and spiritual centers in five states since 1977 serving thousands of people through counseling and coaching, holistic health consultations and spiritual healing, education and professional training for health providers, community service projects and information. Reunion Living Ministry Program provides a minimum two+ year training in how to minister to others through spiritual counseling, healing, teaching, service, stewardship, leadership and whole life integration without promoting one faith or religion. Reunion Ministries serves through Reunion Center in Pleasant Hill, CA, Reunion ReSource Center and Community Room in Middletown, CA , Holistic Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood, CA.  As co-Directors, Betty Lue Lieber, PhD, MFT and Rev. Robert Waldon, PhD, ND serve at large wherever they are called with counseling, coaching, ministering, teaching and retreats. Reunion Ministries continues to offer retreats in California and Hawaii. We offer phone coaching and counseling, plus daily practical spiritual guidance and inspiration through Loving Reminders written daily and emailed to thousands of recipients throughout the world since January 1, 1999.

Reunion Ministries is supported through the work Robert and Betty Lue offer with their counseling, holistic healing plus educational programs and services for individuals and groups and their contributions. Reunion has grown organically without commercializing the work we do.  Following inner spiritual guidance since 1976, Betty Lue has listened and followed with full trust, knowing provision is given for all good works. Serving the greater Good of humanity with practical inspiration and spiritual wisdom has been the key to effectiveness in bringing individuals back to living in integrity the Truth they know within.  In this there is healing, inspiration and renewed creative Spirit.  Life works when we live the Highest and Best we know.  
Blessings of gratitude and respect for All that continues to be given to serve All who come.  Betty Lue

What is Unique about Reunion?

We are an all volunteer organization.
No paid employees.
Everyone who serves Reunion is a contributor.

We live simply and give to those activities that support the Greatest Good.
We create according to inner Guidance and trust the finances will support.
We choose to be good stewards of our time, energy and resources.

No one is stuck or obligated. People can easily change their agreements.
Everyone is called to give whatever serves them in the giving.
“Do what you want to do with love.”

Reunion serves on the basis of love offering or contribution.
No one is turned away due to financial limitation.

We listen to spiritual guidance to lead the way in when and how we create our services.
We all participate on all levels from cleaning to making executive decisions.

We function on an organic or natural level, trusting those who have need will be called to us.

We truly live with Love and respect for everyone equally, making no one more important.
We have learned to listen to what we are saying, receiving our own message as we share it.

We give when asked, as we are guided.

All are welcome.  Everyone is served with respect for differences in faith, culture and beliefs.

 We are here to be truly helpful, l serving with unconditional love, service from the heart and always remembering God.

Betty Lue

My favorite song from A Course in Miracles, reminding me :
“Let All the World be Blessed, with Peace through Me.”

 “Let Me Remember” 

“Into his presence, would I enter now

For I am surrounded, by the Love of God

Let me be still, and listen to the truth

Let every voice, but Gods be still in me

Let me remember I am One with God,

Peace to my brother Who is One with me”

Let me remember what my purpose is

Let all the world be blessed with peace through me.

There is one life, and that I share with Him

I am sustained by the Love of God

All that I give, is given to myself

I thank my Father, for his Gifts to me,

Let me remember, there is no will but Gods,

His peace is with me, forever I am safe

Let me remember, there is no Love but Gods

I will step back, and let Him lead the way
Into His presence, would I enter now,

For I am surrounded by the Love of God

Let me be still, and listen to the truth

Let every voice but Gods be still in me

Let me remember, I am One with God,

Peace to my brother, Who is One with me

Let me remember, what my purpose is,

Let all the world, be blessed with peace through me
Let all the world, be blessed, with peace, through me.”

by Oman and Shanti