Friday, April 15, 2016

Complain or Appreciate?

I forgive all complaints, criticism and negative notions.
I keep myself on track and give thanks every day.
I love who I Am and how I live.
I give my life to love and receive all Good.

Do you Complain or Appreciate?

Complaining is draining.
Appreciation is fulfilling.
When we think things are not good, we don’t feel good.
When we easily do what is needed, we feel good.

When we complain about anything, we drain our own energy.
When we do what is needed, we always feel better.
When we help others to do their best, we also feel better.
When we gossip, whine and blame and do nothing, we lose energy.

What we give, we receive.
What we believe, we will see.
What we focus on, increases.
What we give attention to will grow.

What or Who Do You Owe your appreciation?
What do you have that someone gave you?
What do you have that you gave someone else?
Who do you owe gratitude to?

How do you show you value what you have?
Are you willing to at the least appreciate what you have?
Are you willing to pass along the best you have been given?
Do you value yourself for being appreciative?

When we are appreciative of all we have, we see we have even more.
When we take care of what we have, we enjoy what we have more.
When we choose to notice all that is good in ourselves, we love ourselves more.
When we decide to appreciate all we have, we are blessed by it all.

Start with the basics of life.
Do you appreciate the warmth of the sun?
Do you enjoy the wind and rain?
Do you watch the new growth of the spring?
Do you say and feel thanks for all the good you see around you?
Do you appreciate the birds and bees and flowers and trees?

When you complain, criticize and judge, your body will react and resist.
When you enjoy and value the goodness in all things, you will receive the blessings.
When you fail to appreciate the food you eat and the place you sleep, you will feel depleted.
When you value and your meals and the bed you sleep in, they will serve you better.

Take care of your bed and bedroom and it will take care of you.
Consistent cleanliness and order, beauty and gratitude for your place of rest is key to good rest.
Take care of your food with conscientious preparation and appreciation of what you buy.
When you treat what you eat and drink as gifts of life energy to you, you will be well nourished.

Do you appreciate the warmth of the sun?
To whom do you owe your appreciation?
Do you appreciate your life?
To whom do you owe your appreciation?

It is time to stop complaining and start appreciating!
Miracles happen with your love and appreciation.
You are a miracle!
Betty Lue