Friday, February 26, 2016

Awake and Aware

I enjoy exploring my choices.
I easily let go of what doesn’t work for me.
I choose what is highest and best for all.
I envision Good, speak my  Highest Truth and live what is true for me.

Are You Awake and Aware?
Do you know what matters to you?
Do you attend to what is most important?
Are you living your values?

When we are asleep, we don’t notice unless there is a wakeup call.
When we are unconscious, we don’t pay attention to what matters.
When we are sleeping on our life, we simply stop caring.
When we are neglecting ourselves, life doesn’t work for us.

What do you notice about your life?
Are you crying, angry or afraid?
Are you unhappy or needy?
Are you waiting for someone or something to rescue you?

When we learn to be a helpless victim, we may not know what to do.
When we have placed the blame on someone or something, we may wait to be saved.
We can go unconscious with drugs, medication, illness, media, & addiction to numb us.
We can succumb to lazy habits which put us to sleep.

To wake up, we must take responsibility.
To wake up, we must see what is and choose what we want to be.
To wake up we need be aware and acknowledge what we have chosen.
To wake up we can forgive our judgments and choose for what we value.

When we blame ourselves, we get stuck in what we don’t like.
When we feel guilt, we try to fix it, blame others or sit in self pity.
When we take responsibility, we learn, we heal and we move on.
When we forgive ourselves, we accept mistakes and choose again.

Being awake means we see what we have chosen.
Being awake is being curious and willing to see.
Being awake is valuing the learning and growth.
Being awake is enjoy the divers possibilities.

Choosing what matters may entail trying our much that matters not at all.
Paying attention may include being distracted by meaningless experiences.
Living ones values often means trying our everyone else’s values on the way.
When our intention is to enjoy life and find our right way, we keep going.

Be willing to see what is.
Be open to acknowledge what is not right for us.
Be forgiving and delete error with gratitude.
Be creative and choose again for what is good.

Sounds safe, fun and easy.
Discerning what is good may take some exploration.
Accepting oneself, mistakes and all, is healing.
Enjoy the process of returning to love and remembering your wholeness.

I see the Goodness and Love in You as You.
Betty Lue

Shared with Love for who each one is here to be.
Let us Love One Another as we are willing to Love our Selves!

You Are A Flower in the Garden of Life

If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer