Saturday, October 24, 2015

True Empathy

I allow myself to see what it is like to join with another.
I feel One with those whom I encounter
Living inside another’s life opens the way to truly Love.
I step back and let Love prevail in all my relationships.

Global Oneness Day

What is it like to live in another person’s life?
How can we truly understand anyone?
Is it possible to really be there with another?
How can we broaden our perspective by tuning in?

To vacate our own way of thinking, feeling and doing is key to fully understand another.
When we go away and return back home, we can take a fresh look at what we want.
When we simply return with the same judgments and agenda, nothing will change.
When we allow ourselves to get a new look at what really is for others, we see things differently.

Taking a true vacation helps, when we return with a new mindset.
Taking a nap helps, when we return with a new attitude.
Taking a coffee break at work helps, when we get a fresh start.
Taking a shower or bath is helpful, when we are relaxed and at peace.

Too often people work and carry on with no change.
Too many think they are right about everything.
Too much happens regularly with no willingness to change our words and behavior.
Too little effort is put into seeing things differently.

Forgiveness or erasing my own mind is a high and healing work.
Forgiveness is the gift of willingness to see things differently.
Forgiveness is the release of our previous pictures of the past and imagining of our future.
True forgiveness is being open and willing to see everything in a new light.

What is it like for a teenager in today’s world?
What must it feel like to come home tired and hear everyone complaining?
What must it be for someone who has no money for food or shelter?
How can we possibly understand anyone if we don’t care to listen?

To bring peace to ourselves, we must listen to ourselves and understand.
To bring peace to our family, we must care enough to listen to each and every one and have compassion.
To bring peace to our workplace, we must want to be there with a greater understanding and desire to help.
To bring peace to our world, we must desire to listen, imagine, understand and care about everyone.

In our desire for peace, we must care.
In our wanting what is best for ourselves, we must desire to become peaceful.
In our imagining of what a good family and workplace is, we must care and listen and respond with kindness.
In our willingness to do our part in our world, we must connect with the hearts of all people.

If you don’t care…
If you are angry and resentful….
If you are hurt and afraid.
Listen and care for YOU FIRST.

When you listen and honor yourself, you will have the willingness to listen and care for others.
When you have listened, loved and truly responded to others with love, you will see the change for peace.
It is time we all give what we have given to ourselves.
It is time we give to ourselves all we have given to others.

Everyone fed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with what is Good for All.
Loving fully and freely works,
Betty Lue