Thursday, October 22, 2015

Need Guidance?

I learn from everything and everyone.
Everyone is my teacher, mentor, support and guide.
I listen within for what is right and true for me.
I know what I need and give it to myself generously.

Guidance or Help, Counsel or Coaching?

If you need help and support, find a mentor or sponsor.
If you need someone to talk to, find a counselor or therapist.
If you need encouragement and inspiration, find a coach or spiritual director.
If you need a role model or example, find someone who leads an exemplary life.

There are folks all around us to teach us and show us how.
There are professionals who are trained to listen and support.
There are lay folks in programs taught to mentor and sponsor .
There are a few folks who live the kind of life you really want for yourself.

Take time to seek what you want.
Go to the ones who have what you are looking for.
Trust people who are living what they teach.
Always listen for who really cares and shares and dares to be there for you.

Life offers a circle of humanity.
We stand next to those with whom we have a teaching-learning connection.
In every encounter there is much to be given and received.
In every experience we can gain what we want to have and discard.

Be willing to honor your own intuition and inner knowing.
Be open to ask questions to satisfy your curiosity and yearning.
Be hones with what works for  you and what does not work.
Be trusting of yourself to let go when not right and perfect for you.

You are the captain of your own life journey.
This is your life to choose how and with whom you play.
Time is on your side so you can choose and choose again.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love to undo what is not true for you.

Choose where you stand in your circle and with whom you relate.
Lead where you would rather not follow.
Step out when what is being played is not right for you.
Release quickly and easily when you are not at peace within.

You can choices and chances to make and to take leading you where you want to go.
Give yourself the help and support you need to be where you want to be.
Do the right things to learn what is true for you.
Honor yourself for being willing to choose and be responsible for your choice.

Love works for you.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue
Looking for a Therapist, Counselor or Coach?
Every therapist, counselor, consultant and coach is different.
Find what works for you!

Some want you to have weekly appointments or more.
Some let you set your own schedule of appointments.
Some listen and take notes.
Some interact by asking questions.
Some give you suggestions and creative ideas.
Some educate and provide handouts.
Some let you find your own solutions.
Some give you books to read.
Some give you homework to do.
Some are available by phone or email.
Some have set fees.
Some have negotiable fees or sliding fee scale.
Some work with their clients for many months or years.
Some work with you for a brief time and let you follow-up as needed.
Some personalities are directive, some more nurturing. Some probing, some detached.

Because there are so many differences in fees, availability and approach, I recommend you ask questions.
Connect via phone before your first appointment. 
Look for someone with whom you resonate or trust easily.
Be clear about what you want.

When your therapist or coach really connects with you and your goal, the work takes less time.
Clarify and communicate your goals and desired outcome.
Be willing to share what is working for you and what is not working.
Use the therapeutic relationship as an opportunity to practice healthy, functional communication.

You may want to know how emergencies or between appointment needs are handled.
You may want to understand how fees are set and how and when paid.
You may want to know about the therapist’s history, training and experience.
You may want to know they are living  in integrity with what they are teaching.

Therapy, counseling and coaching are investments in you and your future.
Choose wisely for what is effective and fits for you.