Saturday, November 08, 2014

What Do You Choose?

Now is my time to live, love and be happy.
Today is a new day in which I say what I want to say.
I am true to my Authentic Self today.
I choose to celebrate and affirm my thoughts, words and activities today.

Do you choose to celebrate or denigrate?
Do you choose to appreciate or complain?
Do you choose to be true to you or seek approval?
Do you choose to get things done or procrastinate?

These are habits learned from watching others.
How we choose comes from being praised, criticized or let be.
When we are stuck in limiting ways, we often do not know the difference.
What we do with new awareness of negative programming is up to you.

Forgive the past.
Let it go and laugh.
What is revealed can be healed.
What you learn along the way will make you wiser.

What you judge, hate and fear will stay with you.
Forgiving is the freedom to choose again.
Forgiveness is letting go of fear, judgment and hate.
Forgiveness is the release from all that limited your choices.

When it is time for you to celebrate you will appreciate it all.
When you decide to be true to you, you will get things done easily.
When you clear up the unconscious habits you have learned, you will choose for the better way.
When you relinquish your learned patterns of analyzing “WHY?”, you will simply make new.

Unconsciously choosing to just sit and whine, complain and nag sets you up for weakness.
Allowing the past to create your future is foolish and creates patterns of self pity and self neglect.
When you consistently have images and use thoughts and words to excuse yourself, you will be stuck.
Begin to believe you can choose, change and commit to a new way and you begin to awaken.

Awakening to your own self made ‘pity party’ may allow you to freely choose what will be.
Excusing yourself with your learned stories about why you are the way you are, is limiting.
Re-Programming your mind with emotional baggage leftover creates more of the same experiences.
Consider giving it all up and choosing your conscious self chosen way to be today, every day.

Once you learn through experience that life is what you make it, you will delight in the novelty.
Life will become an experimental laboratory of forgiving and freeing, choosing and changing.
The unknown outcomes may not be comfortable but you will be free to learn from new choice.
Awakening to your own choices and decisions, ideas and opportunities is empowering.

Give up the old ways.
Choose the new and bold ways.
The past is gone.
Choose again for what resonates with you.

Choose for you to fully and freely BE YOU!
Loving us all as we awaken to the power of choice!
Betty Lue

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Betty Lue and Robert