Thursday, November 13, 2014

Give All to All

I give always an only with love.
I receive freely the Love and gratitude being given.
I give easily and naturally all the Love and Joy I have.
I trust and free receiver and giver to fully enjoy the giving.

What is giving?
True giving does not come with expectations.
True giving does not want for anything.
True giving sets both giver and receiver free.

Usual gifts are given with conditions.
Usual loving is offered expecting to get love in return.
Usual gifts often come with the implication of “What are you giving me?”
Usual giving is done for the underlying purpose of “getting”.

When you give to get, both parties are limited.
When you give to get, there is the obligation of the receiver.
When you give to get, neither party feels free and unencumbered.
When you give to get, the demand or threat is implied.

Give from your heart and notice the difference.
Give your very best and feel how happy and free.
Give your all and withhold nothing of value.
Give with freedom and trust freedom is received.

Some want only to give, for they have the locus of control.
Some give to protect themselves from being hurt by not receiving.
Some insist on being the giver because receiving is to vulnerable or awkward.
Some always give because they feel valued only by giving.

Some need to receive because they look for their worth in the gift.
Some seek to receive because they feel unseen and unloved.
Some try to get from others to fill their leaking resources.
Some look to those who have to even the score of who has more.

When we trust in what we have been given, we know there is more.
The more becomes more as it is shared with those who do not know.
To give all to all is to have more to give.
To live in a giving state requires that we receive what is given.

When we measure the value of the gifts, there will always be more.
When we value the giving, there is an endless supply.
When we learn to receive as we give from the joy of giving, we feel unlimited.
To have all, give all to all and you know you will always have more to give.

Some want gifts of quality time with no distraction.
Some want signs of affection or maybe gifts to feel the love being given.
Some want affirming words and some want acts of service and helpfulness.
What really matters is that all gifts come from Love without strings attached.
See: <>   for more information for more effective giving.

Giving with all my heart,
Betty Lue

Life is for Giving.
And You are the Gift.

It is in giving the gift of your True Self that you realize the Gift You Are.