Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Freedom Is A Responsibility!

I am able to respond to all things with Love.
I am willing to be responsible for my life.
I am free to give my best to every situation.
I am responsible for being free.
We have inherited a most valuable opportunity.
We are free to believe and live as we choose.
Only we ourselves put us in the prison of our own fearful thinking.
We are free to choose what we  think and speak and believe.

We must be responsible for that freedom.
We must not do harm or limit others’ freedom.
When we are responsible, we do not infringe on others’ rights.
We are responsible entirely for ourselves, our thoughts, words and actions.

When we are not responsible, we may lose our freedom.
When we do not respect others rights, we may experience consequences until we learn.
When we do not respect other’s rights, we may lose our rights until we are responsible.
We must be responsible for our freedom and for other’s freedom.

Children must learn how to handle freedom.
Until children learn to be respectful, responsible and cooperative, they may have limited freedoms.
When given too much freedom too soon, children may feel afraid, neglected, and without limits.
Everyone needs to learn how to manage the freedoms they have.

Infants feel happier with swaddling.
Babies do better with schedules and regularity.
Toddlers feel happier with boundaries that keep them safe.
Pre-schoolers feel happier when given guidelines with support and encouragement.
School kids learn better with respect, responsibility and rules promoting helpfulness and cooperation.
Adolescents do better knowing what works and how to achieve what they want.
Adults do better with positive reinforcement, inspiration and freedom to achieve and succeed.

Freedom to learn, achieve, grow, explore, make mistakes, enjoy, create, choose are equally valuable.
When we don’t experience the responsibilities of freedom, we may abuse those freedoms.
Because freedom with responsibility begins with each one of us, assess and evaluate how you are doing.
Are you a responsible person?
Do you demonstrate mature behavior?
Do you do harm consciously or unconsciously to anyone, including yourself?
Do you take good care of your body, finances, job, home, car and loved ones?
Do you know what are the qualities of being able to respond with love?
Are you willing to learn to be more responsible?
Do you trust yourself to take impeccable care of you?
Are you willing to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes?
Are you open to manage your anger, greed, envy, laziness and impatience?
Are you willing to be fully responsible for your behavior, your words and your thoughts?
When we are willing to be responsible, freedoms are safe for everyone.
When there is unwillingness to be responsible, we must limit freedoms we grant to ourselves and others.
Consider how you can begin to manage your own responsibilities and freedoms.
Consider how to use your time taking impeccable care of you.

 Buy nothing unless you can pay for it.
Stop asking for others to take care of your needs and your debts.
Do what you need to do to live with ease and simplicity.
Stop telling others what they should do until you have managed your own life perfectly.

Spend time doing what you advise others to do.
When you master what you have to do, you will be a wonderful role model for others.
When you live true to your own principles and values, you will be a natural leader.
Life is our opportunity to master our own thoughts, words, actions, relationships, functions and finances.

Giving my best everyday to live in an exemplary way,
Betty Lue

Responsibilities for Adults (From Betty Lue)
Do you know how to think, speak and behave consciously?
Do you know how to treat others with respect and kindness?
Are you willing to learn to be responsible in all relationships?
Do you know the difference between right and wrong?

Treat others as you want to be treated.
Forgive everyone and everything, for all time, including yourself.
Be courteous and helpful.
Give your best, no matter what others do.
Make no assumptions, and recognize you do not know.
Keep your agreements and your promise to yourself and others.
Take turns in your interactions and following procedures.
Be fair in your decisions and choose what is good for all concerned.
Eliminate all cruelty or destructive thoughts, words or behaviors.

Think of others as you want to be thought of.
Stop judging, complaining and gossiping.
Stop negatively thinking about yourself and others.
Forgive and erase all thoughts and behaviors that are hurtful.

Speak to others as you want to be spoken to.
Use “please” and “thank you”, even with children.
Talk in a pleasant tone of voice to everyone.
Stop demanding and expecting: respectfully request.
Don’t pretend you know, when you don’t know.

Responsible Behaviors
Eradicate addictive behavior and create healthy choices.
Clean up after yourself, in your relationships and your home.
Follow through on your plans, projects and promises.
Clean your house and car, your mind and messages.
Treat the environment and earth with conscious respect.
Stop excessive spending and Save your money.
Be respectful of the people and possessions in your life.
No drunkenness or disorderly behavior.
No swearing or name-calling.
Never abuse unhealthy food, drink or drugs.
Stop expecting others to do for you what you don’t do.
Live with respectful words, kind thoughts and positive behavior in clean home.

Behave as if God was listening.
Behave as if a judge was watching.

Behave as if your most beloved partner was with you.