Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trust Begins Within

I am faithful to my word.
I keep my agreements to myself.
I forgive any and all forgetfulness and neglect.
I commit to love, no matter what.

How can you trust another until you trust yourself?
How can you know what is real until you know what is real in you?
How can you be sure of anything until you are sure of yourself>
When we waffle with indecision, changing our mind and our moods, how can we trust anything?

Perfect trust is rare, because we are always changing.
When we trust in our personalities, our thoughts and feelings change.
When we trust in our bodies, our physical abilities change over time.
When we trust in our beliefs, our beliefs are influences by others.

Seek a place where you can feel secure.
Seek a belief in which you feel confident.
Seek a person in whom you feel safe.
And always look for what you can trust within yourself.

Most people want to know they can trust in something or someone.
When that trust is shaken or questioned or betrayed, people feel insecure.
With insecurity comes fear.
With fear comes lack of confidence, withholding love and distance from others.

Many people seek for safety and love in another……
We often choose family, friends, partners and authority figures.
When we choose to trust and commit to someone, we place of security and safety in them.
When that trust is broken or questioned or forsaken, we may feel lost, alone and afraid.

There was a time when contracts we sealed with a handshake.
There were families and peoples who kept their word until death.
There are agreements made “until death do us part” which were held to be true.
Where do we hold any truths to be inevitable, like “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.?

Can we reclaim our own truths and trust?
Can we write our own declaration of independence?
Can we make a vow to ourselves that is lasting?
Can we trust ourselves in claiming and maintaining our word?

When we give and keep our word, we feel confident in ourselves.
When we love ourselves unconditionally, we feel happy.
When we live our values everyday in everyway, we feel powerful.
When we choose to treat others with love and respect, we feel secure.

Perhaps it is time to forgive and erase ourselves for our self-betrayal.
Perhaps we can now forgive ourselves for the promises we have not kept.
Perhaps this is the way we return to trust by trusting what we say and do.
Let us now choose to keep our word, our promises and commitments.

Choosing love, no matter what.

Betty Lue