Friday, October 24, 2014

Inspired Living

Affirmations for Inspired Living:
I give myself only what inspires and supports my happiness.
I receive all good and share the good I receive.
My life works because I am fully responsible for my life.
I am inspired as I inspire others to live their best.

Are you inspired everyday?
Do you wake up happy and go to bed grateful?
Are you ready to enjoy your whole day?
Do you take impeccable care of your whole life?

When life is worth living, you enjoy it all.
When you are inspired, even challenges are gifts.
When you are truly happy with your life, you are grateful.
Life is a growthful opportunity to learn from everyone and everything.

An inspired life is a spiritual life.
Spiritual living comes from giving and receiving inspiration everyday.
When we live with a mission and purpose, we seek the highest principles.
Find what you most care about and living accordingly.
Start with basics that matter to you.
Breathe fully and freely each morning remembering what inspires you.
Enjoy the colors and sounds, the smells and the feeling of awakening.
Choose thoughts and prayers that inspire you and bring peaceful feelings.

Have a cup of tea or water with lemon or coffee you enjoy.
Breathe in the aroma and the taste.
Be mindful of where you are and what you are experiencing.
Take even five minutes to listen within to your own inspired Self.

Embrace your life and receiving the gifts of right now.
Allow yourself the pleasure that comes from being fully present.
Where there is even a slight disconnect from Self, you will experience lack.
When there is a loving connection with your Self, you will feel Gatitude.

Life is for giving you the gifts of your life.
Life is for living the gifts you offer your life.
Life is for remembering the blessings of being here now.
Life is for seeing the power and gratitude  of your choices.

When you have chosen consciously, you will feel happy.
When you have chosen unconsciously, you will feel doubt.
When you lack consistency, you will feel hesitant.
When you have allowed others to make your choices, you may feel victimized.

Whether doubt, unhappiness, hesitance or self pity, you can clear it all today.
Forgive, erase and delete your mistakes,  and choose again for exactly what you want today.
Appreciate the Good you have around you and within you and choose again for staying awake.
Be inspired by everything to choose wisely, consciously and consistently.

Be present and inspired today and everyday….24/7….
This is your canvas on which to create.
Loving our creative minds and life choices.
Grateful for our freedom to choose.

Betty Lue