Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Word for the Day!

I use words which affirm and bless.
My thoughts and words create Goodness and Love.
I use words to create, appreciate and celebrate.
I think and speak with love, trust and respect.
What is the key word for your day?
What is the word you use most?
What is the word you say to yourself in silence?
What do you focus on in your daily activities?

You already have set your intention!
You already are creating your experience.
You already are manifesting what you say you want.
You already are choosing what you want to see and be.

You may have ignored what you think and say again and again.
People are often too busy to even notice the words they use.
Change should into want and see what happens.
Change want into prefer and notice the difference.

Begin to be aware of your words.
Notice what you say to yourself in your mind.
Notice when you swear, condemn or criticize.
Notice how much of your language is negative.

You will find the source of your issues in your words.
Both silent and spoken words create.
What you think, you become.
What you say, you experience.

When we are unconscious to our own creative power, we cannot change.
When we are aware of what we think and share, we can change everything.
When we thoughtfully choose the words we say, we can create Yea or Nay!
When we do not follow through with our own thoughts and words, we distrust ourselves.

Be impeccable with your words. From the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Be honest with yourself and others.
Keep your promise and your agreements.
Speak with consideration and respect.

Stop swearing, threatening, demanding at yourself and others.
Stop begin critical and complaining about yourself and others.
Stop gossiping and telling negative stories on yourself and others.
Stop using your words to shame, blame and hurt yourself and others.

Use words to inspire and encourage.
Use words to appreciate and validate.
Use words to create and celebrate.
Use words to comfort and heal.

Loving you and me in changing our world with the words we use.
Betty Lue

Most Destructive Blocks to Healthy Communication
1) Nagging and Criticism ( Use constructive requests and be specific.)
2) Defensiveness (Listen and make no excuses.)
3) Contempt with Name-Calling, Belittling and Shaming ( No using guilt or blame.)
4) Stone-Walling, Ignoring and silent treatment  ( Talk or write when calm.)
5) Belligerence, Threatening, Demanding ( Forgive yourself for using power to get your way.)

Toxic thoughts, words and actions must be dumped in safe ways.
Never puke and poop on people.
What is hurtful and makes up sick must be released in private dumping grounds.

Learn to flush the toilet, write it and burn it, let it go to do no harm.