Friday, September 05, 2014

What Works?

Affirmations: (This is work you can do to change your mind.
Written and spoken 20 times daily for two weeks with each affirmation!)
I love to work and be successful.
What Is do everyday creates the life I want.
I give my life the best I have and life gives me the best.
I easily and quickly clear doubt and fear and do the work to be confident and clear.

When you work, life works.
When you play, life plays.
When you balance your life, your life is balanced.
It is that simple.

What you do for you, returns the favor.
Smiling works to make you smile.
Giving works to return giving to you.
Being present works to bring Presence to you.

Success comes when we think, speak and act successful.
When we trust in our success, we realize we are successful.
When we erase all thoughts of failure, we only know our success.
When we claim we are not successful, we only know our failings.

What you think about you is what you believe and become.
When you think about you is how you feel about yourself.
What you think about you is what you teach others to think about you.
What you think about you is how you behave and show others.

You can change your mind.
You can write a new script.
You can choose a new story.
You can undo what you made up to be true.

What we call ‘true’ is illusive.
What humanity calls ‘true’ is always changing depending on what we think.
When we change our collective mind, what we thought was true changes.
When we undo the stories  about ourselves and begin to think differently, everything in our life changes.

Some say Success is as successful people do.
Success is as successful people think and say and do.
When we realize there is no magic, we know “Only work works.”
The most important work is to change our thinking.

Changing our mind requires that we do the work.
Changing our mind requires that we practice.
Changing our mind requires undoing what doesn’t work.
Changing our mind changes our life, but only when we DO THE WORK!

The work is not just once but every day in everyway.
The work is cleaning out the past and revealing what is now.
The work is loving ourselves enough to be willing to do the work.
The work is constant conscious practice in with our thoughts, words and behavior.

Now is your time to DO THE WORK!
Trusting you to do the work.

Betty Lue