Saturday, September 20, 2014

Live with Faith; Give with Gratitude

Love is the way I walk in gratitude.
I have faith all things work together for Good.
I recreate my perceptions into healing and love.
I have faith in the Good I choose.
Gratitude is full appreciation.
But what is Faith?
Faith is trusting there is a blessings in everything.
Faith is our willingness to see beneath the apparency.

Do you have confidence in anything?
Do you believe there is good in your life?
Do you trust that you will be provided for?
Are you willing to see the Good in your life?

Without gratitude for what you have, you will have difficulty finding Faith.
To have faith is closely linked with being willing to experience appreciation.
To develop faith you must learn to appreciate who you are and what you have.
To practice faith you must find a way to say thank you and learn what is Good.

Beneath every dark day, the sun is shining.
In every moment of discouragement is the opportunity to encourage someone somewhere.
When we focus on what we don’t have, we always see more lack and limitation.
What we look for we find, because we have selective perception.

When we live in a world looking for tragedy and drama, we create more tragedy and drama.
When we live in a world seeking happiness and harmony, we create a world of happiness and harmony.
What we focus on, we generate and create.
We are truly creators of our experience.

Learning to respond to all things with “thank you” opens us to learn from everything.
Allowing ourselves to react to others emotional reactions, creates more emotional reactivity.
How we respond determines the outcome and perception of our experience.
Those who learn to respond to all things with forgiveness and bless create more faith and gratitude.

When we hear tragic stories, how do we receive, retain and recreate the story?
When we listen to doomsday, do we join, resist or simply let it go with blessings?
When we join with others to commiserate, do we leave them there in their pain or turn it over again?
When we are able and willing to respond to all things with love, do we feel the healing in our love?

Let us be grateful for Love.
Let us be faithful in our healing.
Let us be thankful we can choose.
Let us be faithful in our willingness to choose for Love and healing.

Faith is the opportunity to use our mind and heart to heal.
Faith is our willingness to transform our perceptions with forgiveness.
Faith is our gift of appreciation to All That Is. The Universe, Higher Power and the Infinite.
Faith is having confidence in ourselves to use the gift of choice and gratitude for the Good of All.

And so it is, we have come to learn, to listen, to let go, to laugh and always to Love!

Betty Lue, always faithful and grateful for Love.