Sunday, September 21, 2014


I feel safe when I remember always and only to Love.
I have confidence in the Love within me.
I trust in the power of Love to restore my Love.
Love is the Power in which I have faith.

What do you believe?
Who do you trust?
Where is your faith?
How do you keep yourself safe?

When don’t feel safe, where do you find security?
When you don’t feel secure, who do you go to feel safe?
When you have lost your faith, you lose our confidence.
When you have no place or person to run to, where do you go?

In and ever changing landscape of possible places, we need to find safety to feel safe.
When we feel safe, we have security in that safety.
When we feel love, we have faith in that love.
When we have faith in Love, we are loving.

Those who are not loving simply feel unsafe and insecure.
Those who are not loving are afraid.
When we recognize fear is lack of faith, we build our faith.
When we realize that everyone who is unloving lack safety, security and love, we can renew our faith.

Do you believe in the power of Love?
Do you believe in the Presence of Love?
Do you have confidence in the Presence and Power of Love in you?
Do you have faith in the Presence and Power of Love that created You as You?

Keeping it simple.
True faith is established in our origin.
The lack of faith is in being taught there is no safety.
The lack of confidence comes by learning there is nothing to believe in.

Take time to consider what there is to trust.
Seek places and people who have the faith you want to restore in yourself.
Listen for signs of remembered faith in Love in you.
Recognize where and when you do feel safe and secure.

Some signs of faith:
Feeling calm and peaceful.
Opening your heart to Love.
Reaching out to extend peace to another.
Giving yourself appreciation and love.
Allowing yourself to dream of your future.
Trusting everything will work out alright.
Letting go of fear and watching miracles happen.
Singing in the shower or when driving.
Sending blessings for Goodness to others.

I have faith in the intrinsic Love and Goodness within me and All That Is.
Loving us all as one with total confidence.

Betty Lue