Tuesday, August 05, 2014

What is Your Love Language?

I love with my affirming words and full appreciation.
I love with my respectful touch and affection.
I love with my acts of service and doing what is good foryou.
I love with my focused attention and quality time with you.
I love with remembering you with notes and gifts, loving reminders.

How do you know you are loved?
What does it feel like to be loved?
How can you tell you are loved?
Who do you feel loves you unconditionally?

If you want the information from Gary Chapman, author of the book, go to www.5lovelanguauges.com online.
If you want to discover your own love language, notice what you usually give to those you love.
Most of the time, we love others as we want to be loved.
To discover your love language and others, too, simply notice what we give to others.

Usually what we give is what we want to receive, because it feels most truly loving to us.
What feels really loving to you?
What offers you the certainty you are loved?
What gives you the sense that someone truly cares for you?

Tony Robbins used an exercise of returning in a visualization to the one you knew loved you most.
When you can remember that feeling of being unconditionally loved, notice how it was shown.
My mother made my special cookies  and put flowers on the table.
She would have cinnamon toast and tea for us on a rainy day after school.

Sometimes there is a special tone in the loved ones voice when they say “I love you.”
Or perhaps a special way of holding us in a hug or snuggling at night or just stroking our cheek?
One granddaughter remember every gift and every giver, because it is love for her.
Each one of us is unique and different in how we feel and receive love.

Time to pay attention to how we like to be loved.
Time to share with the people who seek to love us.
Time to attend to what they want to feel loved.
Time to pay attention to what and how they respond.

When there is lack of love, it is always a call for love.
When we don’t feel loved, it is essential that we reach out with love.
And if we don’t feel love for ourselves, it is key that we fill our own need for love.
When we fill ourselves, we will find the world needs our love more than we ever imagined.

Take time to read the piece below, simplifying our interpretations, so we can understand.
When we can see what is needed and being called for, we can open our heart and respond with love.
When we notice that we are acting in unloving ways, we can give our selves the love we need.
Love is meant to flow: when the flow is blocked, we need to forgive ourselves with withholding love.

Thanks for flowing your Love.
You are a gift of love for me.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue