Sunday, August 03, 2014

I Believe

I am a “True Believer”
I clear all doubt to fully experience what I believe.
I see what I believe.
I experience what I believe as I live my beliefs.

What Do You Believe?
Believe not just with your mind.
Believe with your words and your actions.
Believe with your whole heart and mind and soul.

What do you believe with all of you?
What do you believe and will never forsake?
What do you believe and trust in with total confidence?
What do you believe so you can be absolutely sure?

I believe in Love.
I believe Love is not only the greatest Power.
Love is the Only Real and Lasting Power.
I believe Love can heal sick, raise the dead and transform any situation or relationship.
I believe Love it what creates in us and through us.
I believe we are essentially the Power of Love.

I believe in Goodness.
Some call Good, God, the Creator of all Good things.
When all we have mis-created, misperceived and judged is forgiven. All that will be eternally is Goodness. 
Good in people and Experiences,
Good in Learning and Teaching.
Good in Healing and Helping.
Good in Creating and Contribution.
Good in Connecting and Relating.
Good in Living and Believing.
Goodness in Beauty and Song.
Goodness in Wisdom and Words.
Goodness in Consciousness and Collaboration.

I believe 100% in the Power and Practice of Forgiveness.
I believe forgiveness is the return to our natural state of Wholeness, Goodness and Love.
I believe when we forgive we clear all the blocks to give again the Love and Goodness within.
I believe forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love to return our minds to their natural expression of Good.
I believe forgiveness heals the mind that heals bodies and relationships,.
I believe the return to Love through forgiveness heals all things.

I believe everything we think, do and say makes a difference.
I believe we are teaching everyone everywhere with our consciousness.
I believe we are creating the world as we think and say and do.
I believe we can make a change in our own thoughts, speech and actions.
I believe what we bless in our minds, words and gratitude expands those blessings.
I believe all that is comes from and through the God consciousness in us.
I believe we are here to learn we are creative and creating the goodness and Love in our world.

I believe we are here to clear the fear and forgive the past.
I believe we are here to do the work and clean up the mess.
I believe we can do this best by realizing we are blessed.
I believe we are the ones who chose to come to do the work.
I believe we can do what we came to do with joy and gratitude.

I believe because it gives my life meaning and purpose.
I believe because it feels good to be inspired and be hired.
I believe my life has value and so does yours.
I believe together there is nothing we cannot do.

So in the beginning and the end, it is up to me and you.
So let’s just DO THE WORK!

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Personal Mission for Betty Lue:
To inspire, encourage and facilitate freeing. trusting and living your highest potential.
I Am the Space of Freedom and Trust where Love is Remembered and Wholeness Restored.”

Vision for Reunion: (now DBA Reunion Ministries)
Reunion is a forum for global holistic spirituality. (Universal freedom to be whole)
Reunion inspires reconnecting with our Authentic Self, with all humanity and with Source.
Reunion is both local spaces and the non local experience of living in ReUnion with All That Is.

Underlying Intention:
To create the opportunity for everyone to actively and consciously choose to live in love.
To live in a world of conscious beings who are willing and able to be fully responsible.
To offer relationships, one at a time, for full self realization through freedom and trust.

Guiding Principles or Values:
I live on call for God or Good for Goodness Sake.
Give all to all to have all to share all.
Consistently be all I am to share the truths I know and live.
Manifest heaven on earth by creating all I am given to teach, model, inspire and provide.
When you hear what is being called for, do it now.
Be totally responsible for all I think, say and do.
Stop doing what does not work and choose again.
Forgiveness is the key to freedom and trust.

I hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
I live, give and teach these truths so that all mankind might free themselves to choose life, liberty and happiness,(if they so choose).
I am here to forgive, erase and undo all blocks to the full realization of freedom and trust.
Personal Preference:

To love and live in Love with the One I AM.