Thursday, August 07, 2014

Have You Lost Your Way?

I trust and respect the choices I make.
I live with intention, focus and commitment.
I learn to focus on what is true for me.
I honor my path of higher intention, will and integrity.

Have you lost your will?
Have you forsaken your intention?
Are you conflicted in your focus?
Are you misaligned in your choices?

With so many distractions, detours and delays, how do you stay on course?
With so many voices, advisors and spiritual paths, how do you choose?
With infinite possibilities in life, how can you tell what is yours?
It is no wonder your mind is overwhelmed and scattered and confused.

It is by our intention that we succeed.
With split focus we dilute our energies.
Doubt and distractions sabotage our progress.
We can only do what we say, when we commit to do what we say.

Wherever there is doubt, there is delay.
Whenever there is delay, there is diminishment.
When we lessen what is our will, we lose focus on our intention.
To lost focus and commitment, we cannot live our truth.

Begin to write you intention for the day as soon as you awaken.
Write it down and carry it with you.
Refer to your intention each time you feel upset, doubtful or confused.
Simply repeat over and over to yourself, “My intention today is:……..“

Our job is to know our intention.
Be aware of your intention with every phone call, every text or email.
Be aware of your intention with every expenditure, project done and job complete.
Be aware with the life you live and the food you eat.

Set your intention and then be true.
Live your life fully and freely true to You!
You cannot lose nor fail nor fall.
When you live your will and way, your intention is all.

You begin to notice what leads you astray.
You recognize sooner when you have lost your way.
You understand deeper that success belongs to you.
You set your intention and to your self be true.

Loving all as we live with intention,

Betty Lue