Saturday, July 05, 2014

Energy Can Maintain, Create or Destroy

I am happy and free and flowing my Chi!
I am alive, alert and enthusiastic.
I love the life I have given myself.
Gratitude and joy sustain, inspire and guide my life.

How Is Your Chi Flowing Today?

How much energy do you have?
Do you have energy for creating?
Do you have energy for inspiring?
Do you have energy for appreciating?

Do you use your energy to fear and defend??
Do you use your energy to judge and complain?
Do you use your energy to hold on and suffer?
Do you use your energy to withhold and discourage?

Life is energy.
Energy can neither be created or destroyed.
Energy can be used by us to create what we choose.
Energy can be harnessed, confused or abused.

Your life is yours to use for healing or helpful purposes.
Your life is yours to make sacred or to waste .
Life energy is directed by your intention.
What you think and say and do directs your life energy.

Those who use their energy wisely work for Good.
Those who use their energy falsely may be ignorant.
Those who ignore their energy may waste it on meaninglessness.
Those who waste their energy may be too lazy to be effective.

What do you do each day?
Where to you place your intention?
What and whom do you attend to?
How do you utilize your life energy?

Create Goodness for you and all with the thoughts you hold in mind.
Create Health the words you listen to and speak.
Create Abundance with your doing and giving energies.
Create Happiness with how you live and love everyone, everywhere.

Inspire yourself and others with your inspiring thoughts and words and activities.
Forgive yourself and others by erasing and deleting what you no longer need or want.
Appreciate yourself and others by encouraging what is good and healthy for one and all.
Choose to use your energies of thought, feelings, words and behavior to create.

Your life energy is your abundant resource.
Waste not, want not.
Waste not your energy in meaningless or destructive ways.
Use your resources for what is appreciated and valued by you.

Use your life energy well and you will want for nothing.
Blessings abound when we remember and utilize the gifts we have.

Always flowing energy to you with Love!
Betty Lue