Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Affirmations: How To Use Them Effectively!

I am positive with my thoughts and words.
I easily translate what is negative into positive affirmations.
Life works for me when I think with Love and Light in my mind.
I easily clear my mind of all limiting, lacking and belittling thoughts, to listen for Inner Guidance.

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An affirmation is a positive thought used to clear a negative thought or belief.
Affirmations are not meant to create allegiance to a positive belief, but rather to free our stuckness.
Affirming is the way we live free of negativity and limitation.
Affirmations are claiming the true power of thoughts and words.

Take the time to claim what it is you say.
Listen to how you teach yourself and others what to believe.
Undo the thoughts and words you no longer want to be true for you.
Step away from creating the fears and tears you see in others.

Each of us must learn to respect our own self-created reality.
Either our thoughts happen to us or we imagine them created through us.
We can gain the power of our words with speaking, thinking and writing.
We can claim our inheritance of Peace and Love from the Light within us.

Fill your mind with light and it will be made manifest in your life.
Feed your mind with darkness and negativity and be faced with fear.
Only we choose to be victim to our thoughts or to forgive all things for Good.
Each one can forgive what we no longer want to conceive and believe.

Affirmations are to be used as an eraser, cleansing the mind.
Just as “Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love”, so affirmations are used to clear limiting beliefs.
To effectively use affirmations you must clear wherever they are stored in your unconscious.
Repeat the positive thought aloud and written, so you can see it, hear it and feel the writing of it.

Affirm what it is that you want an antidote to how you have thought, spoken and behaved.
I now choose to think, speak and act with Loving intention.
I am now ready, willing and able to give my best in all circumstances.
My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly loving and true.
I easily and quickly forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself.

Life shows us what we have held in our minds.
Affirmations are an opportunity to erase what we want to replace.
Let’s take some time to clear and open our minds.
We can undo whatever we no longer want to be true.

Loving us all as we do the real work in mind. In thought, in truth.

Betty Lue