Thursday, June 12, 2014

Are You Stuck?

I am free to choose.
I breathe freely and easily.
I quickly and easily let go and move on.
I allow all Good and only Good into my life.
Forgiveness is the key to Happiness.
I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including my self.
Addicted, Attached, Dependent, Obsessive, Compulsive, Manic, Depressive, Anxiety, paranoia.
Perfectionism, hypochondriac, workaholic, hoarder, gambler, drunk, shopaholic, bigger and better??

Where we judge, we get stuck.
We get stuck figuring it out, fixing it, making it better, understanding why and medicating It!
What keeps us from just moving on?
How do we get stuck with beliefs, attachments defensiveness and attachments?

Can you imagine what you are doing when you keep on doing the same thing?
Can you guess why you would keep doing over and over what does not work?
Have you ever considered that you are trying to make it work just one more time?
Or possible you just want to be right and are defending yourself from being wrong?

Life is not as difficult as we make it up to be.
When we do something that does not work, we simply need to stop.
When we do what hurts us or others, we simply need to stop.
When we it worked once, but never works again, we simply need to stop.

We make our lives painful, difficult and stuck by not stopping.
Stop and forgive your judgments.
Stop and choose again.
Stop and look for a better way.

Be honest.
Be open.
Be willing.
Be wise.

Be honest about wanting to get your way.
Be open about really wanting to be happy.
Be willing to listen to your heart for what is best for everyone.
Be wise in choosing what we know will make everyone happy

Forgive and be free.
Give and be free.
Love and be free.
Serve and you free everyone.

There is no need to judge or blame or hurt or regret.
There is no value to defending or justifying or explaining our mistakes.
There is no use in depending on what is always changing in moods, ideas and abilities.
There is no sense in attaching to what was, because it will always change over time.

Time to let go and let Love flow.
Time to be free and let life simply be.
Time to undo what was never really true.
Time to be and do, love and give the very best You.

Loving always You,
Betty Lue

Nothing  good comes from acting  when angry or upset.

When upset or angry about anything.
Calm yourself before you act or speak.
    Breathe deeply, fully and freely.
    Step away.
    Leave the situation until you are calm.

Nothing  good comes from acting  when angry or upset.

This is a life lesson in learning to wait until your inner emotional storm has passed.

Only when you are calm and clear can you make effective decisions.