Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Do You Use Your Resources Wisely?

I use the resources I have for All Good.
I value the gifts of time, money and energy.
I respect  and appreciate what I receive and give.
Sharing is my highest way of caring.

(Full Moon today at 2:14 PM PST)

When you have money, do you save it or spend it?
When you have time, do you make it useful or squander it?
When you have energy, do you work or watch TV or sleep?
You are rich with resources, but they diminish when we use them carelessly.

Your time, money and energy are valuable.
We can learn to use each minute, dollar and bit of enthusiasm for Goodness sake.
We can be wise in how we spend what we have.
We can stop being careless or extravagant and become good stewards of our resources.

This begins with out own personal environment where we give our attention.
This begins with the ideas we take into action.
This starts with what we put our mind and creativity toward.
The is initiated with the thoughts we have, the words we speak and the acts we do.

Do you waste time on meaningless conversation?
Do you use your recreation, vacations and days off on doing “nothing”?
Do you pay attention to every dollar you spend on “useless treasures”?
Are you aware of how your choices can change your life and its value?

When you believe you are useless, you will engage in useless activities.
When you think your ideas do not matter, you will talk and behave like nothing you has value.
When you convince yourself and others that nothing matters, you life is filled with nothing.
How sad and depressing and frustrating to waste your beautiful resources on nothing!

I love using my money, time and energy wisely.
Spending money on what benefits my health and happiness, benefits all those I encounter.
Spending time on what is creative, inspiring and educational benefits everyone everywhere.
Spending energy on activities that create more Good for all  benefits those I teach and inspire.

When I do good, I feel good.
When I feel Good, I do more good.
When I expand the Good I do, there is more Good coming through and extended to You.
My life works for me and all those around me, because I am creative and wise in my expenditures.

What could you do differently with your money?
How could you use or invest your money in ways that benefit your world?
How could you use your time and energy more wisely?
What could you do with the precious hours of time that would benefit you and others?

Start with yourself and then include your own family and household and workplace.
Begin to think conserving and contributing and extending always the Best you know.
Notice what happens when you read an inspiring book and then share with others.
Be aware of how saving 10% of what you receive will lift your worries and inspire you.

Take time to use all of what you are given with respect and wisdom, creativity and contributions.
Loving us all as we wake up to how rich we are in Truth,
Betty Lue

Things I do for Love:
Speak to everyone with kindness.
Give only wisdom and inspiration in your conversations.
Prepare healthy foods with gratitude and without waste.
Contribute monies by investing in small business loans around the world.
Keep my home, car and centers clean, beautiful, organized and inspiring.
Forgive petty worldly matters and focus on the Goodness and Blessings.
Take care of my resources, body, mind, spiritual connection.
Use my time, energy and money to do what I am called to do to benefit humanity.
Be present with each one I encounter with forgiveness, wisdom and gratitude.
Use my energies on meaningful and blessed tasks that please my soul and quiet my mind.
Enjoy the beauty in all creation, grateful for nature, my garden foods and flowers, in love with all.
As I create this new Center in Middletown, I am inspired yet again to open the way for more.
Serve everyone with the Best I have without regard for their financial limitations.
Share my garden, home, centers, writings, workshops, gratitude and joy with all.

I love unconditionally, serve from the heart and always remember God’s Goodness with Gratitude.