Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Are You Teaching Children Well?

I am a powerful and positive role model.
I live what I teach and teach what I live.
I know every thought, word and deed teaches others.
Because there are no secrets, everything I think, say and do makes a difference.
Every child learns by watching and listening to their parents, teachers and grandparents.
If we don’t like the behavior of our children, we must take responsibility.
If we don’t like what our kids do or say, it is time to forgive and change our own words and action.
If we think we are good role models, look to what they want on media or peer influences.

Adults must clean up their behavior, language and habits.
It is time to stop swearing in public and in private.
It is time to speak and act and dress respectfully.
It is time to eat well and work hard and live clean and sober.

We must recognize that kids pay attention and learn by observation.
We must take full responsibility for the world we live in.
We must decide if what we say on the phone or in private is appropriate for our kids.
We must choose what kind of friends, media and work we want to engage in.

Everything we do models for children what they want to do.
To grow up means acting like the grownups in our lives.
Children begin playing dress=up and copy their elders from a very young age.
Eating and sleeping habits, the tone of voice, the body posture, the work we do at home all are copied.

The biggest mistake we make is when we forget and neglect to Love.
Whatever we do from anger, teaches and creates more anger.
Whatever we do and teach with fear, creates more fear.
When we remember to forgive ourselves and return to Love, we teach loving kindness.

Our actions creation reactions.
Our love begets more love.
When we judge, criticize and punish, we teach others to judge, criticize and punish.
When we want  a more compassionate and helpful world, we must learn to be ourselves.

When we learn what we really want for our children, we will remember to give it.
When we learn to be what we want to see, we will have what we want.
It takes only the willingness to clean up our own thoughts, words and behavior.
Let us stop judging the world we see and begin to demonstrate with who we “be”.

I am creating a new Resource Center in Middletown, specifically designed to serve youth and families.
It is time for us to give what we know is missing and help where it is needed.
Join me wherever you see the need.
Don’t let their behavior or language fool you, everyone wants respect, kindness and a little love.

Our children are our future.
They must learn the basics from the growups.
They need to learn values and ethics, work, thoughtfulness, creativity and fundamentals from life experience.
You are their teachers.

Let us honor our investment  with our respect, responsibility and cooperation.
Begin today with yourself and your own family and associations.

Betty Lue