Friday, April 25, 2014

What Are You to Do?

I  love what I am doing.
I love and appreciate my life choices.
My life works because I value my life.
I give my best to everything and everyone.

We are here to love.
We are here to be happy.
We are here to be helpful
We are here to think, see, speak and be good…… for Goodness sake.

Some may be quiet in prayer.
Some may serve with joy.
Some may clean up the mess.
Some may make more mess.
Some may tell stories of woe.
Some may save lives.
Some may heal wounds.
Some may help families.
Some may inspire souls.
Some may sing and dance.
Some may encourage romance.
Some may play with kids.
Some may do their own things.
Some may take more time.
Some may do things quickly.
Some may analyze and research.
Some may explore and experiment.
Some may have lots of friends.
Some may have none.

There is no harm, unless you deny you what is your joy.
There is no harm, unless you interfere with others path.
There is no harm, unless you make it wrong and condemn.
There is no harm, unless you do not learn and sit in judgment.

Life is a circle of learning, healing, awakening and change.
Love is the trust that allows each one to find their way
Freedom explores and observes learns and moves on.
Trust is the certainty that comes come receiving the gifts.

When we cling to the past, we may neglect what is now.
When we tell the same story, we may not see the next step.
When we are stuck in judgments, we may not receive the learning.
When we are paralyzed in fear, we may live in the prison of making.

Each of us can get up and help.
We can get up and do something.
We can sing a song or sent a love note.
We can clean up our mess and do something good.

Life offers help and healing in every breath.
Life joins with us to remember to say YES,’
Life is the hope that begins each new day.
Life is the way we see and know what we can do.

What can you do?
Each moment you can and are doing.
Sit and do nothing and nothing will be done.
Arise and do what you can do and much will be see and accomplished.

Loving us in our willingness.
Betty Lue

These reminders are now available in several books for you and those you love.
They have been written in the early morning since January 1999.
They continue to be written and shared on request with people all over the world.

Even one line or two can be a loving reminders for you to try something new.