Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Passion and Purpose of Betty Lue

I awaken with ease and grace.
I release the past and let go with gratitude.
I trust that I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
I live with Purpose and Passion following my inspired and appointed Path.

Today is our 29th spiritual anniversary.
Do you have passion in your life?
Do you love to awaken in the morning?
Do you look forward to the sunrise?
Do you still get excited about the Beauty of the Earth?

The Easter story is a symbolic passion play.
As we let go, undo and release what was, we open to what can be.
We are willing to be made whole and new again.
We give ourselves to the Goodness of God.

When we claim that we will be born again, we find ourselves in love with what can be.
When we lift ourselves out of the habitual routines of life, we seek to honor something new .
When we get up early and awaken to the sunrise around us and in us, we behold what can be.
The son rising in you and me as we sing out with love and remember the Joy of Being alive.

What will it take for all humankind to awaken to celebrate Life itself?
What will we need to do and be to live our lives reverently?
How can we see again the new and renewable in all things?
Everything changing and rearranging it self in the simple act of forgiveness with Love.

Yes, in 1985 once again I was set free to fully be alive and filled with the Joy of Passion.
Yes, it was then in Easter celebration I found myself inspired and beyond the personal Me.
Yes, it was at that time, Robert was there standing by my side but unknown to me as Partner and guide.
Yes, It was there on April 10th, I was guided to say, “Will You Wed with Me in Christ?”

While I did not know him or know what I was saying or why, I asked the question and he said, YES.
Both willing and not know what was being asked or answered we came together for the calling of God.
And then began the 29 yr. journey as innocents in the grand adventure of loving service.
We travelled many roads unwavering in our endless quest to love and serve and remember God.

What is this God, this quest, this Christ?
This God is the Goodness that lives deep in the hearts of men.
The Quest is to remember only to love and serve.
The Christ in which we wed and joined our lives, was to always and forever Give only Love.

I feel you and all seek to find something, something greater and something more than mundane.
It seems there is something missing in the lonely life without Passion and Purpose.
It seems you find it difficult to exixt without knowing there is something more.
Perhaps this spring you can seek and find a Self renewal of inspiration and passion for your life.

Can you give yourself to Love?
Will you remember Love is what you are after?
Can you relinquish all the tired and weary rewards and pleasures and seek something lasting?
Will you join with your Higher Self and renew your vows to be what you are created to be?

This is your resurrection.
This is your passion play.
This is your renewal.
This is your Easter.

Loving you and forever True.
Betty Lue

In 1985, my beloved life partner Robert, friend and conspirator came into my life.
We wrote this song together…….
For those who need a translator for the lyrics below……
We vowed to follow the light of Good and delight in the Goodness in all things.
We vowed to be wholly loving with trust and freedom for ourselves and one another.
We have lived these vows for all our lives and continue today with all who join with us.

Will You Wed With Me In Christ?

Will You wed with me in Christ?
Will you come to God with me?
Will you sing the Song of Love?
Will you love me endlessly?

Can we join to live in peace?
Can we walk here hand in hand?
Will you give your life to Love?
As we bless this Holy land?

Will you wed with me in Christ?
Will you see in me His Grace?
Can you share Eternal Joy?
As we live in Love’s Embrace?

I will wed with you in Christ.
I shall come to God with you.
I shall sing this song of Love.
I will be forever true.

We can join to live in peace.
We can walk here hand in hand.
I will give my life to Love.
As we bless this Holy Land.

I will wed with you in Christ.
I shall see in you His Grace.
I can share Eternal Love

As we live in Love’s Embrace.