Saturday, April 12, 2014

Take Time to Listen Within

I take time to sit and listen each day.
I learn what is mine to do and go and say.
I listen in meditation and prayer.
I receive loving and healing guidance from within.

We completed another three books while in Hawaii as our gift. (See "All Books" on menu bar to the left for full listing and links.)
We dedicate them all to you and to the Love and Good within that inspires them.
Please enjoy them and these Loving Reminders written for all of us.
Betty Lue

Take Time to Listen Within

Take time to ponder and contemplate.
Take time to listen and write it down.
Take time to wonder, why am I?
Take time to know Who you really are?

Life has a purpose.
Nothing is an accident.
Everything is an “on purpose”.
We can observe and know.

What can your mind conceive?
What do you believe?
What are you willing to achieve?
All is open to you.

When will you awaken?
How many moments has it taken?
Is this moment the One?
Take a breath and pay attention.

What is within me?
Why do I exist?
What can I do?
How important am I?

Are you so wrapped up in doing that you forget Who You Are?
Are you so caught in the world of things you have forgotten to enjoy?
Are you so lost in the confusion of the delusion that you afraid?
Maybe one moment of peace will clear the fog and allow you to be grateful.

Observer doer, creator, lover, thinker, server, believer, enjoyer, caretaker, peace bringer.
All these possibilities and even more are available to you.
Life is a potpourri adventures and choices.
Each one of us is exploring our territory to see where we belong.

Have you looked at your whole and holy Self today?
Look outside and within.
Deeper than the surface and more than the body.
I Am not my body, my mind, my history and yet everything and nothing.

Maybe now is the time to see, to be, to set me free.
And can I define or describe me or thee?
Let it be and we shall see.
Loving you and me, 
Betty Lue