Friday, April 04, 2014

Do You Feel Useful?

I cease idle thinking and choose thoughts that create Good.
I take time to create all Good and only Good.
I forgive empty or hurtful thoughts of anyone anywhere.
I choose to dedicate my life to beneficial thoughts, words and actions.

Time, money and energy may be wasted with useless tasks.
We may entertain ourselves with useless media.
We may engage in meaningless conversations.
We may use our minds pondering useless ideas.

What does it matter how we spend our time?
What harm does it do to engage in useless activities?
What good would it do to eliminate what is meaningless?
What difference does it make whether we are useful or not?

Vacation for me is an opportunity fast from normal routine.
Sabbatical is a time to take time to rest and renew.
Travelling is a way to stop and take a fresh look at life.
Stepping away is a time out to center, ground and rebalance  my life.

Meditation and affirmation is a way to clear one’s mind of meaningless things.
Contributing to what make s a difference feels useful.
Giving time, money and energy to what you believe in feels important.
Relating to those who are accomplishing and investing in what is good feels valuable.

If you want a useful, helpful and meaningful life:
Dedicate each day to what you would have it be for you.
Set a goal for every encounter and activity.
Examples of Goals:
To be happy and at peace.
To make wise choices.
To be kind and loving.
To be effective with my thoughts, words and activities.
To complete what I begin.
To be useful and make a difference.

As you plan your day, ensure that each interaction or function is dedicated to your goal.
When you are strong in your choice and focused on your goal, you will succeed.
Your self empowerment increases as you keep your commitment to live true to your goals.
Life is meant to work for us, so choose wisely what you would achieve and experience.

Useful thoughts words and actions create a useful life.
Useless thought, word and behavior create a useless life.
Meaning in everything you think and say and do and you will experience your life makes a different.
Choose to make a difference and you will.

Appreciating how you use your time, energy and money for Goodness Sake.
Forgiving how you may waste your time, energy and money for no Good.
We each have a choice everyday with every idea we have, every word we speak and every deed we do.
Loving you as you learn from the life we share,

Betty Lue