Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Clear Judgment and Fear!

I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself.
I quickly and easily undo all errors in my thoughts, words and behavior.
I give everything I think and do and say to the Highest Good for all.
I relinquish all attack and choose instead toe Love.

Where we judge, we get stuck.
When we judge, we feel guilt.
How we judge, we condemn ourselves.
Undoing judgment sets us free.

To judge is to condemn.
To judge is to fear being judged.
To judge is to falsely believe we can.
To judge is to think we know.

When we are afraid, we judge.
When we are confused, we judge.
When we believe we are right, we judge.
When we play God, we judge.

When we judge, we fear reprisal.
When we judge, we falsely accuse.
When we judge, we believe we are all wise.
When we judge, we do harm.

I cannot judge for I do not know.
I cannot judge for I choose not to harm
I cannot judge because I am limited in my vision.
I do not judge because I want to heal.

When I am afraid, I have judged.
When I am afraid, I have forgotten to trust.
When I am afraid, I am not listening with my heart.
When I am afraid, I have withheld Love.

Our work is to lay all judgments aside.
Our work is to stop condemning our brother or ourself.
Our work is to find a better way.
Our work is to extend Love and Peace.

To forgive is to see things differently.
To forgive is to erase with Loving kindness.
To forgive is to let the past go.
To forgive is to continue to give my love and blessings.

I choose to clear all fear and judgment for myself and my world.
I choose to release myself from false beliefs and limited thinking.
I choose to undo the stuckness and allow the flow of wisdom and love.
I choose to be the Love I am with everyone all the time.

And so it is, I forgive my mistakes and choose again to Love,
Loving away our fear and doubt, our judgment and limited thinking.

Betty Lue