Thursday, April 03, 2014

Clean Up Your Life!

I finish what I start.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy for me.
I clear my mind, my body and my spirit with trust and gratitude.
I clean up all my messes quickly.
I leave everything better than when I found it.

Clear the clutter in your mind.
Clear the junk in your body.
Clear the chaos in your spirit.
Clean up your whole life?

How do I start?
Where do I begin?
What can I do?
What matters most to you?

Start with where you are.
Begin one minute at a time.
Get up and make your bed.
Wash and put away your clothes where they belong.

If you have too much to keep track of , give plenty away.
Take charge of the chaos you leave behind everyday.
If your clothes don’t fit or have a tidy place, you have too many.
If you are not wearing them anyway, give them to someone who will.

Too much stuff is a disease for many.
Cluttering your closets and drawers is a way to drain and depress yourself.
You cannot be free and open for good in your life when you hang on to the old and unused.
Too much in disarray and disrepair is a symbolic reminder of yourself as confused and abused.

Clean one room at a time.
If overwhelming, begin with one drawer.
Three boxes; one to keep, one to throw or give away, one unsure to pack and store.
Sort quickly on first impulse with an intention to simplify, clarify and free your life.

Clean one relationship at a time.
Be responsible for doing your part.
Apologize and make amends.
Find a way to forgive and have love in your heart.

Every one has clean up to do.
Do what you can to heal and help You.
You know the mess you left.
It is your turn to clear up what you left undone.

Whether you cook, do laundry, a project or phone call, you are responsible to complete.
What you leave unfinished will deplete, distract, delay and discourage and teach others falsely.
You may expect others to clean up your messes, but you will never cleanup your life.
You may believe you get to do what others have done before you, but never learn to know success.

Finish what you start.
Let go of what no longer inspires you.
Undo what is not True for you.
Reveal what is real and good for you.

Loving you as you let go with gratitude and trust.
Betty Lue