Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Is Here!

I am alive, alert and enthusiastic.
I know what I really want and I go for it.
Love heals all things and awakens me to be free.
I trust my real self and am free to live my life.

Are you willing to be new again?
Are you open to a change of mind?
Are you ready for new ideas and possibilities?
Are you clear you are here to plant some seeds?

What does it take for you to wake up in the morning?
How long has it been since you awakened truly happy?
What makes you want to be fully alive and shout?
Do you remember how to be happy and free?

If you are tired in the morning, go to bed earlier.
If you are depressed or discouraged, get moving.
If you feel like a failure, do something to completion.
Begin with one thing at a time to satisfy your soul.

We are trained, imprinted and programmed to be happy or be discouraged.
We learn to label ourselves and believe what we think and say.
We take on the beliefs of the world and then live them out.
Take back your life and actively and consciously choose the life you want.

This is the springtime of your life… matter your age.
This is the moment you have been waiting for…no matter the situation.
This is your time to shine … matter how empty or dull you feel.
This is your place to experience the Goodness you want… matter how limited things may seem.

Life is simple.
Your life belongs to you.
Beginning anew takes will,
Creating what you really want is a choice.

Take back your life.
Stop giving it away to those who don’t really care.
Take back your will.
Stop allowing someone or something else to choose for you.

This is the moment to Love You.
This is your time to really choose to live.
This is your day to play and  shine like the Sun.
This is your choice to be whole and happy and free.

Can it be that simple?
It already is.
Quitting yields nothing.
Choosing yields all.

Choose life today.
Choose abundant life today.
Choose to take back your life.
No more holding yourself hostage.

I am alive in you and with you today.
We are all in this together.
Baruch Bashan…..The blessings already are!

Betty Lue