Friday, March 21, 2014

Self Sabotage?????

I am willing to be my best friend and guide.
I easily clear all fear and walk forward with joy.
I do what is mine to do.
I see what is before me and follow through effortlessly.
Life works well as I am willing to do my work well.

Are you interfering with your success?
Are you blocking your healthy relationships?
Do you negate the possibility of getting well?
Have you quit on having a good life, your ideal life?

It may be time to stop blaming and complaining.
Every time you deny your own responsibility you weaken yourself.
Each time you try to convince yourself and others that you cannot do or have or be, you make it more certain.
When you claim that you are powerless or helpless, you are.

Do you understand your own mind may be the very “saboteur” you are threatened by?
Do you know your learned or “ego” self may be convincing you everyday that you can’t have or do or be?
Are you aware that your dependency on a person or institution or expert may be your personal “nay-sayer”?
Is it time to learn to do your life your way?

Do It Now!

Reprogram your mind to get going and do it now!
Undo your fear and caution and just do it now!
Let go of laziness, inertia and procrastination and do it!
Stop wishing and waiting for someone else and just do it!

Stop wasting time and go for it.
Stop wanting someone to take of it and do it yourself.
Stop whining and complaining and draining your energy.
Stop behaving like a dependent needy weak person and do it for yourself.

If it is broken, fix it or throw it away.
If it is dirty, clean it and put it where it belongs.
If it is unused, give it away or sell it.
If it is cluttering, sort it and put it where it belongs.

When you bed it unmade, make it now.
If your bedroom is a mess, clean it up right now.
If your kitchen is dirty or in disarray, clean and organize it right now.
If you life is a mess, start with where you are and make it neat and tidy for You.

What you see reflects a part of you.
When you live with clutter and disorder, you feel cluttered and out of order.
Spring cleaning is clear your field to prepare for the new crops.
Clearing your mind, your home, your office, prepares for new ideas and possibilities.

When you are finished with something put it away.
When you are done with something, let it go.
When it no longer has value, release it in the trash or for someone else to use.
When your environment is in order, you inner life will be more peaceful and productive.

Loving you and all of us as we clean up before and after ourselves,
Betty Lue

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Recognizing and Releasing Strategies That Interfere With Success
What you resist, persists.  
Avoidance creates loss.
The Ego experiences it’s littleness and inadequacy and it is afraid.  
Therefore, out of fear of the world, it decides:  
            1)  I’m not ok.  
            2)  I can’t win.  
            3)  Therefore, I must do anything to keep from losing and create                   
                  the defense of always being right.  
The Ego made up strategies to avoid losing to maintain its rightness.

Strategies to Avoid Losing

1.    Don’t play the game.  Withdraw, withhold, refuse, non-participation, no risk.
2.    Keep others from winning.  Sabotage, make others less, talk negatively about someone, put-downs.
3.    Don’t complete anything.  Procrastinate, begin too many projects to complete, lose interest, give up.
4.    Destroy the game.  Change the rules, break agreements, put in more details, expect more than was expressed.
5.    Play the nice guy.  Be too nice to tell true feelings, keep everyone from progressing, be afraid to take the risk of asking for what you want from yourself and others.
6.    Have a problem.  Become a distraction or be distracted by lack of money or time, get sick, shift attention, be a victim to get rescued.
7.    Get them before they get me.  Make others wrong, look for excuses for self, find opportunities to judge others, tattling.
8.    Minimize / maximize.  Make little of my failures and maximize yours (or vice versa), you’re worse than I am, compare others unfavorably.

To recognize the areas where you are most at the effect in you life, list the following:
    1.  My strategies to avoid losing are:

    2.  Ways my life is held back by me are:

    3.  I am now committing to correct my counter-productive behavior by implementing the following
         actions (immediately, this week, this month):

Healing Affirmations:
    These strategies keep me from winning.
    Now I choose to win.
    Defending the Ego prevents success.

    Now I choose to release losing and be a winner in life.