Thursday, March 13, 2014

Planting Seeds?

I plant in my mind what is good and whole and loving.
I sow within my life what is mine to contribute.
I do the work that is mine to do with gratitude and joy.
I appreciate who I Am, all I have and what I do.

What is it you are planting?
Seeds of beauty?
Seeds of creative expression?
Seeds of faith?
Seeds of nurturing?
Seeds of humanity?
Seeds of kindness?
Seeks of wisdom?
Seeds of highest truth?
Seed of respect?
Seeds of Joy?
Seeds of gratitude?
Seeds of wealth?
Seeds of purpose?
Seeds of family?
Seeks of romance?
Seeds of helpfulness?
Seeds of healing?
Seeds of prayer?
Seeds of Greatness?

The world is your garden.
What do you want to instill in the mind of human consciousness?
By your words and actions, you are the gardener.
You are choosing what you want to grow in the fertile Soul of Being.

Begin with your own mind and life.
Start by asking what you want to be and how you want to live.
When you know your own need for nourishment, you know what you need to harvest.
When you know what you needs and want,  you know what you need to sow and reap.

As the gardener, you must know you need to till the soil.
Loosen your thoughts and beliefs with no fixed opinions.
As an organic gardener, you know you need to stop doing harm.
Create a happy and healthy place to choose what you really need to have.

When you see what you need, it is yours to envision, to plant, to nurture and cultivate.
This is your calling, your purpose and functions.
When you live with your part to play, everyday is guided and provided.
You are in the flow of living and giving, allowing and trusting what is to be through you.

We can try to grow what others grow or do what others do.
But the higher truth is there is only One unique and significant YOU!
You have a way to live and seeds to give and much to share from your harvest.
You have your own calling and garden and wisdom and appreciation.

Get to work today.
It is almost spring.
Let go of the complexity and confusion.
You will come to the conclusion, you are simply to sow the best you have.

What is good for you will grow.
We are to let the rest go without regret.
Move on and sow the best in you today.
Life is really good when we let it play easily and gently through us.

 Loving you, 
Betty Lue