Sunday, March 09, 2014

Live in the NOW!

I am here right now.
I am awake and aware right now.
I trust and free myself to be fully me right now.
I live and love and  fully enjoy being here right now.

(Springing Forward in Time!)
When we live in the now, there is only what is right here to do.
When we live in the now, the past is gone.
When we live in the now, we are Present with what is.
When we live in the now, every thought and words makes the difference.

When there is no past belief, we allow what is thru now.
When there is no past resistance, we let go and flow with what is.
When there is no fear of the future, we trust that all is provided.
When there is no loss or judgment, we claim the fullness and blessing of now.

When we have forgiven and forgotten yesterday’s complaints, we see only the beauty of today.
When we have undone the “failures” of ourselves and others, we experience the successes of now.
When we have stepped away from pain and sorrow of the past, we know the present joy and gratitude.
When we are willing to fully engage in what we enjoy, we find the exhilaration from what emerges.

When I lose track of time, I have found what is mine to do.
When I let go of thinking “I know”, I open to the infinite field of possibility.
When I explore, I realize there is always and infinite more.
When I listen within, there is the place where I am eternally the beginner.

Wisdom seems to come from being willing to empty and then fill.
Like the waves coming to shore, I learn ever more, when I know I do not know.
I cannot hold the stories that are told and so I release and listen once more.
What is real and lasts? What is whole and True?

And here in the mystery of Now, I find I am free and innocent and every new.
IIN the continuum, I must thing and navigate and know where I am going.
IN the questions of the minds I seem to make up the answers as I go.
And so what do I really know?

And so with nothingness in mind, I listen and allow.
The voice within, the knowingness begins to gently guide my being.
I speak the words it hear.
I share the love I am.
I touch the heart of each one.
Whole and Holy, we are together.

And in the now there is flow, the flow of letting go.
Every remembering and still forgetting.
Trusting and Living in the certainty of Love.
Always awake and gently resting in the safety of Noe.

I Am and We Are All That AM
Great Mystery is the delight of Knowing the Unknown.
Love only Love, 
Betty Lue

When I think about it, it all seems like a lot, even impossible.
When I live it without thinking, it all seems simple and true.
Life is effortless and flowing when I stay in the Truth of Love.

Personal note:
Right now we administer three holistic centers with 22 practitioners/teachers plus our Unity Church with 15-20 teachers and volunteers plus  our Friday Eve. All-Faith Fellowship, plus our hundreds of clients at all three centers and beyond, plus the grandkids and Retreat Home “Hermitage”  and the Reunion ministry friends, plus the community outreach, plus our Home and Sanctuary Reunion Lake House and organic garden, plus simply enjoying our life together in Love. We have no secretary or folks that do the PR.  We find it simpler and easier just to “do it” quick and easy, without judging, explaining, comparing or critiquing.Oh and I forgot my “essential to me” daily Loving Reminders written each morning and sent around the world to thousands. And hundreds of emails to respond to daily.

If we actually thought about it, we would be overwhelmed, so we don’t!

It’s easy to be patient with me, because I simply take one person, one email at a time and answer with simple direct response.  We have no secretary and need little sharing or discussion, no conflict, little or no confusion and love of gratitude and support, caring and trusting, love and appreciation. And so it is, all is really Good with us!
Loving who we are and all we do with ease and flow.

Betty Lue