Saturday, March 08, 2014

What Makes Relationships Work?

Affirmations for you:
I easily learn, love and let go.
I quickly undo what is wholly true and loving.
I prefer to be happy and forgive my grievances.
I allow and trust, Love is a must to be whole and happy and true.

Pay attention.
Do what works.
Keep on doing what works.
Remember to do what works and only what works.

Stay conscious.
Let go of what doesn’t work.
Stop doing what is hurtful or negative.
Release focusing on the negative.
Undo the beliefs that you cannot or won’t of don’t have what it takes.

No more “guilting” or complaining!
Undo the habits of blame and resentment.
Get over your pettiness quickly.
Step away from any temptation to judge yourself or others.

We all are learning here.
We are each looking for what works.
We want to be happy and comfortable.
We all want to enjoy and be appreciated.

Let’s play with the trials and errors in life.
Stop the stuff that hurts or fails or doesn’t do what is best.
Let’s erase what is foolish, immature, critical or hurtful.
We can all open up to warmth and light.

Be willing to be the light.
Be open to share some warmth.
Be available to let stuff go.
Be able to show the way with own choices.

Try doing what feels “right” for you.
If it works, keep doing what is “right”.
If it isn’t “right for others, gather more information.
Be creative until you find the way that works for everyone.

All relationships have infinite possibilities.
When we thing there is only one way, we will get stuck.
When we believe there is just two ways, right and wrong, we will be grossly limited.
When we learn there are always higher and better ways, we will live in limitless possibilities.

In all relationships with ourselves, others, body, weather, finances, environment, we are unlimited.
The most flexible and resilient in all relationship often learns and grows the most.
The one who is most willing and response-able will indeed enjoy their relationships the most.
Those who seek and find, open and create, freedom and trust in all relationships is the happiest.

We can all be forgiving and forgetting.
We can learn to release the past.
We can undo what doesn’t work.
We can begin today to find a better and happier way.

Loving you and me and all as ONE,
Betty Lue

Relationship Recommendations:
1. Engage with one another in conversation and sharing when you are at your best!
2. Write your own personal list of agreements for your relationship with one another ( or anyone you LOVE).
3. Before you interact or spend time on phone or in person or even write a text or email, go over your list of agreements.
4. Make sure you stay in integrity with what is highest and best for both every time.
5. Immediately apologize and forgive yourself if you forget to keep the agreements you have made with yourself!

Your work is to clean up your own act.
    Make no assumptions.
    Keep your agreements.
    Take nothing personally.
    Always give your best.

1. Read the Four Agreements by Don Michael Ruiz.
2. Take the assessment and share your preferences simply with one another.
3. Honor (respect) the other’s requests with no question, comment, arguing, etc.
4. Stop looking at the past or future and treat each encounter, present moment, as the precious time it is.
5. You have only the current contact or conversation to express your love, caring and gratitude so use it well.
6. Waste no time going over the past.  It is gone.
7. Start enjoying your life and your self and your choices today.

Love brings joy.
Fear generates pain.
When you are not in joy, you have made a mistake.
Step away and choose again.