Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Just Say “Thank You.”

I remember to say and do the “little things” that count.
I take time to smile and say please and thank you.
I treat others with respect so I remember and they will learn.
I honor the value of each simply word.

Thank you for remembering to love and respect yourself.
Thank you for remembering to love and respect others.
Thank you for giving from your heart.
Thank you for being the presence of Love and respect in our world.

Many have forgotten the simply graces.
Open the door for others.
Step back instead of in front of the line.
Speak with a respectful tone.
Respond to all RSVP’s.
Offer to be helpful.
Let people know when you are not showing up for dates you agreed on.
Pay your bills promptly.
Say “Thank YOU” and mean it.
Clean up after yourself.
Handle your emotional issues in private.
Apologize quickly and easily when mistaken.
Stop using disrespectful or unkind language.
Follow the societal rules and mores.
Take good care of the environment outside and inside.
Treat the places you enter with as much respect than your home.
Keep you germs to yourself.
Turn off your phone and TV when you have a guest.
Don’t interrupt a conversation without excusing yourself.
Give your family as much respect as you would an honored guest.
Speak with others with regard to their time and energy.
You may have many more.

I ask myself, What my grandmother would do?
How would I treat a guest in my home?
How can I honor myself with more respect and consideration?
How can I talk to everyone with kindness, support and encouragement?

When others are not respectful, they are calling to learn.
When others are critical of you, they may be critical of themselves.
When others do not treat you well, it is often because they do not treat themselves well.
When others resist receiving your love, it may be that they are afraid love is manipulation.

When the mores of our society are becoming less respectful, it is time to increase our own regard.
When we listen and watch people behave without manners, it is a call to learn with love.
When we experience languaging that is not respectful it is our turn to teach by example.
When we go along to get along, we allow society to slip into disrespect and degradation.

What can I do?
Rather than complain or criticize, this is always my question.
I ask myself, “What can I do to be helpful?”
What can I do to make a change?
What can I do to teach respect and responsibility?
What can I do to clean up my language and behavior?
What can I do to love more, learn more, give more, do more?

Begin by simply saying “Thank You.”
Reward the behavior you want to see more of.
Ignore the behavior you want to dissolve.

Behavior Modification works when practiced persistently.
Praise what you want to increase and ignore what you want to extinguish.
This I can do and so can you.
I am open and willing to do what I can.

Loving us all in creating a better way to live for everyone,
Betty Lue

I forgive myself and others when we forget.
I treat others the way I want to be treated, no matter what.
I say YES as long as it does no harm.
I say NO when it may be harmful or hurtful to myself or others.

Everything said and done with Love works better than waiting until you are angry or withholding.