Friday, March 07, 2014


I expect miracles of Love.
I expect to have Peace, because I choose Peace.
I expect to take good care of myself, so I can take good care of others.
I expect to be happy, so I choose to be happy with myself and my life.

“What You Expect, You Often Get.”

Expectations may be affirmations or beliefs that you create with your thoughts, words and actions.
Expectations may be negative predictions that we feel intuitively or even help to come into reality.
Expectations may be assumptions we make that we use to protect ourselves from disappointment.
Expectations may be what we hope to become reality from our false or impressionable fantasy.

Expectations may also be what we use to build excitement and positive anticipation.
Expectations may be what we were taught to be the way of humanity.
Expectations may be simply what we want and hope and pray for if we do our work endlessly.
Expectations may be the opportunity allow our thoughts to predict the highest good for all.

Expect the best, forgive the rest.
Expect people are always doing their best.
Expect every mistake will be forgiven.
Expect when you see a way, you will find one.

Expect every positive change you make will make a positive difference.
Expect yourself to always do your best, and you will.
Expect the sun to shine everyday, even behind the clouds.
Expect the Good inside of people to be there even when they forget.

Expectations are sometime disappointing.
Expectations sometimes feel like pressure.
Expectations can feel like a “set up” for failure.
Expectations can be predictors of what will happen.

I find that most of us expect people to think, talk and act as we would.
Most of us are trained to believe that people are just like us.
Many are taught never to believe we can get better.
And most of us believe it can always get worse.

I have learned that I do not know what to expect, so I expect the Best.
I have learned the past behavior is mostly a predictor of future results, but not always….
I have learned that I would rather anticipate good things to happen and so I do.
I have learned that humanity is ever changing so I openly observe and enjoy the good I see.

What we expect can be helpful or disappointing.
We get to choose how we use our mind and our words.
When we plan for the Good, we see for the Goodness.
When we plan for the Bad, we prepare for the worst.

Perhaps it is time to expect life and health and relationship to get better and better in every way.
Maybe we can use our predictive thoughts to set up and ever improving future.
Ask if you would rather use your thoughts to expect the best or the worst.
Inviting you to choose what you prefer to prepare yourself to expect!

I love to expect Beauty, Goodness and Love to fill my life.
Whatever I do and everywhere I go, I expect healing and happiness.
I expect Love only Love and I live in the ways that inspire only Love.
Trusting the path of Love and kindness to lead to more Love and kindness, generosity and trust.

Betty Lue
Always loving and trusting YOU!