Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Just Do It!

I now use all I have for the Good of all.
I forgive any misuse of my life energy.
I choose with wisdom and respect for all humanity.
I step back, forgive and use my thoughts and words to encourage all to do Good.

Stop complaining and draining.
Stop blaming!
Stop resisting!
Stop tantrumming.

Use your energy for good.
If you feel frustrated, do something.
If you are impatient, do something.
If you are angry, do something Good!

Energy is meant to be used.
Emotions are energy E+Motion.
When we stuff our energy, it becomes toxic.
When we use our energy, it moves.

Emotional energy can be used to help or hurt.
Emotional energy can be used to heal or harm.
Emotional energy can be used to encourage or discourage.
Emotional energy can be used to free or imprison.

How you use your energy determines the quality of your life.
When you use your mental, emotional and physical energy for good, you have a good life.
When you use your energies for fighting, you have a conflicted life.
When you don’t use your energies, they may build until they attack yourself and others.

Use your life energy with clear vision and you can create the life you really want.
Use your mental energy and ideas to clarify your focus and direction.
Use your emotional energy to fuel your happiness, and appreciation, power and peace.
Use your physical energy to create and build, help and serve, beautify and improve.

When you attack, your scare yourself and others and shut down the free flow of energy.
When you are afraid, you contract and limit your own flow of life energy.
When you restrict, withhold, shut down and stop moving your energy, life becomes limited.
When we attack with blame, criticism and anger, we fear being attacked and limit ourselves.

Set yourself free by creating safe thoughts, safe words, safe behavior and safe environment.
Free yourself from fear with forgiveness of immature thoughts, words and behaviors.
Empower yourself with open-mindedness and full appreciation.
Give the Goodness you want to have, receive and experience.

What you give, you will receive.
What you perceive and think about, your strengthen in yourself.
What you give energy to (both negative and positive), you increase.

Stop draining your self with ineffective use of your energy.
Use your thoughts, words and actions always and only for Good.

Loving us all as One, 
Betty Lue