Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am Love, therefore I share Love.
The more I share the Love I Am, I have more Love to share.
Love grows as I extend my Love to others.
I never quit on the Love in me.
What do you need to do to bring more Love into your life?

Love Your Whole Self.
Love Everyone.
Love Your Life.

It might seem like a tall order, but just begin.
Love for no reason.
Love because it is fun.
Love because it is safe.
Love because it is easy.
Love because Loving cannot hurt anyone.

Love is trust.
Love is freeing.
Love is Good.
Love is creative.
Love is expansive.
Love is healthy.
Love is kind,
Love is peaceful.
Love is the Truth.
Love is Who You Are.

Love created you as love for the purpose of Loving.
When you remember to love, you are happy.
When you let go of fear, You are loving.
When you are loving, life works.
When you are loving, you experience miracles.
When you are loving, you are productive.
When you are loving, people respond.
When you are loving, good happens.
When you are loving, you enjoy life.

When you are loving,….
Everyday is a day for Love.
Every relationship deserves your Love.
Every moment is a time to fill with Love.
Every lesson is an opportunity to remember Love.

Make today your Loving Reminder.
Make today your anniversary to Love, no matter what.
Make today a birthday fro Loving You.
Make today your personal Love Day!

The Only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love the One We Are!

I am loving you and me all ways and always,

Betty Lue