Sunday, February 02, 2014

Everyone Deserves Hope and Help

I freely give and fully receive the Gift of Love I AM.
Life is Good as I touch every life with Goodness.
I remember All That I AM when I share the Love I know.
Life is for giving and I AM the Gift.
I thank myself for knowing this is so.

What Can We Do?

What we do for others needs to be done with joy.
What we do for those needing needs to be done with love.
What we do for others must be done with gratitude.
What we do must be done with respect.

When we give to another, we dare to give what we would want to receive.
What we do for another, must be done in a way that preserves their dignity.
When we help another, we need to understand we are giving to ourselves.
What we do for one other is a gift to all humanity.

When we freely give, we fully receive.
When we give with an open mind and grateful heart, we are blessed.
When we contribute to the life of another as our sister or brother, we remember our reason for being.
When we love one another, in the ways we long to be loved, we love ourselves fully.

There is the misunderstanding of giving with pity or sympathy.
This works for those who see themselves as needy or desperate.
When we contribute to others' security, safety and well-being, we see the contribution as offering tribute.
When we respect the dignity of each person’s path, we lift them up in the light of their wholeness.

To see our brother or sister as needing a helping hand, the hand we hold is our own.
To see another’s sorrow and call for comfort as serving all humanity, we soothe our own sorrow.
To offer help, counsel and comfort to anyone, we have reminded ourselves, we are all as One.
When anyone is healed and helped, all will benefit and be blessed.

I have learned never turn away my brother or sister to assure myself I will not be turned away.
To listen with compassion and a kind heart, I have given myself the reminder I will be heard as well.
To care the same for the greatest and the least, best friend and total stranger, I have seen our Oneness.
It is time we look beneath the surface and find the humanity in all we encounter and love them all.

Let us forgive our fear of not knowing what to do.
Let us step away from our judgments of why the need is there.
Let us trust we are called to be truly helpful.
Let us make our generosity and forgiveness our song of prayer.

The opportunity to serve each other is a Holy Privilege we are given.
The choice to take another’s hand and walk together is a chance to redeem our separate lives.
When we reach out and care without thought for ourselves, we come closer to our true Nature.
When we honor and trust the path and holy purpose of everyone, we relinquish our need to Know.

Listen inside and know you are the Goodness being called forth.
Trust your inner guidance and give all to all to have All to give.
Remember your healing work is to protect and provide, nurture and nourish.
Now is your time to truly Love One and All as One.

I AM Loving you and receiving your Love NOW!
Betty Lue