Monday, February 17, 2014


I devote my life to Love as freedom and trust.
I devote my word creations in writing and speech to Loving Reminders.
I devote my homes and centers to creating more beauty, Goodness and Gratitude.
I devote my Being to sharing the Joy I feel in living and giving the Best I know.

Are you devoted to your health?
Are you devoted to your wealth?
Are you devoted to your faith?
Are you devoted to your life?

Devotion means:
1. profound dedication
2. commitment or loyalty to a purpose;
3. strong love for something or someone
4.. an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause, etc.: the devotion of ones’ wealth and time to     scientific advancement.
5. Often, devotions, a form of prayer or worship for special use.
Synonyms: commitment, loyalty, allegiance, dedication, enthusiasm, fervor, zeal, ardor

Where you are devoted, you place your time, money, positive energy and Love.
When you are devoted, you find reason and purpose for living and giving.
How you are devoted depends on how you feel called to love and serve and remember.
The ways of serving, giving and loving often are based on what will serve at the highest level.

For many there is little or no devotion to anything.
For some there is little true devotion, because energies are scattered.
For a few, there are conflicted areas of devotion and a drain of energies.
For others, there is simply an unwiliingness to prioritize what really matters.

Devotion is a way of focusing on what matters, using Will as well as resources.
Devotion teaches how our thoughts, words, behaviors and choices make a difference.
Devotion is a choice to be clear about our priorities without distraction, drain and depletion.
Devotion is a gift to ourselves to conceive, believe, achieve and receive what we benefit and bless.

I am devoted to giving the best I have.
I am devoted to writing these Loving Reminders each morning.
I am devoted to you and all being who choose to receive my devotion.
I am devoted to creating a world of Love and Peace and Joy.

When I share my devotions each morning with you, I am abundantly blessed.
Every act of devotion blesses me and every devotion received blesses me as well.
Life is abundant when we give and receive the blessings which we extend.
We are rewarded in the outcome of our devotion as we receive the reflection of our gifts.

So let it be remembered that whatever you are devoted to is your Gift to all.
You family and friends, community and humanity, are blessed by your devotion.
You receive the gift of Self Love and appreciation when you devote your life to what matters to you.
Remember to be devoted to someone or something to make your life worth living and giving.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue