Monday, January 06, 2014

Make Your Life What You Want It To Be!

I trust my choices and do what is Good.
I no longer need others’ approval: I now approve of myself.
I free myself and others to be the best we can be.
I let go of the past easily and choose again for the Good.

Year of 2014 is the Chariot (see menu bar left)
2014 is the Year of Wooden Horse  (see menu bar left)
This Year Is Your Year of Happiness, Harmony and Health!
Use it wisely and well with gratitude and Trust.

Make Your Life What You Want It To Be!

You imagine, think and plan.
You desire, hope and believe.
You work, achieve and experience.
You quit, keep going or let it be.

They say, “ As a man thinks, so is he!”
They say, “What you conceive and believe, you achieve.”
They say “What you perceive, you strengthen.”
They say, “Thoughts create.”

I observe what we worry about or fear might happen, we often experience.
I observe those who quit never win.
I observe who doubt seem doomed to failing.
I observe the ones who are focused on failure, error, and are fearful, usually lose more.

I experience the positive ones ride the waves of change, listening and learning how to live better.
I experience that when we help others succeed, we achieve more for ourselves and all.
I experience that when I go where life flows with ease and grace, my life works well effortlessly.
I experience when I forgive and erase judgments, resistance and doubt, I flow more quickly to success.

This is your year to clear the fear.
This is the time to let doubt move out of your mind.
This is your gift to yourself to forgive what has gone wrong.
When stop judging and see clearly, you discover all you have learned.

You can have what you want, but moving with what moves you.
You can be what you want to be, by focusing and the desired outcome and staying true to your goal.
You can let go of what you think you know and listen to what is really true for you.
You can undo the negative thinking in you and trust there is a better way to think and speak and behave.

Much of life’s experience arise from what you think and say and do.
Listen to your words, watch your thoughts, and observe your behavior.
Stop judging, blaming and talking negative and acting immature.
Undo the self-deceiving stories that make you right and others wrong.

Quit using immature language, destructive habits and ugly thinking.
Everything can be undone and changed from our own willingness to change our stinkin’ thinkin’/
It requires no one’s approval to change your mind, your words and your behavior.
You can change your life forever by creating new changes in you!

What will it be……
1) The comfort of doing the same thing with the same results.???
2) Blaming and complaining about everyone else with you the victim.???
3) Letting go what is not good for you and others and choosing again???

Loving you in making good choices for YOU!
Betty Lue