Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Love the One You Are With!

I choose love, not fear.
I choose hope, not despair.
I choose joy, not pain.
I choose to be the Love I AM.

May Love live inside You.
May Love always guide You.
May Love be the Joy you give.
May Love be the Gratitude You Live.
Love is Our Process, Our Purpose and The Way!

Love the One You Are With!

If you are alone, love yourself in every way.
If you are with children, love each child uniquely.
If you are with your partner, love you partner as your beloved.
If you are with a stranger, love the stranger with respect and kindness..

How do you love?
Does love look different for each one?
Is it safe to love?
How is it best to show your love?

Show you love by listening with an open heart and quiet mind.
Give your love by responding to what is asked with willingness.
Trust in love by knowing that heart to heart, every thought, word and deed is received.
Be generous in giving without expecting anything in return.

When we truly love, we seek nothing in return.
When we need love (because we have not loved ourselves), we give to get love and seek to find love.
When we have love within us, we easily flow the love we have to those around us.
Love asks for nothing and gives everything.

It is in the state of loving that we realize the limitless love we are.
May you know that your Love is making a difference.
May you recognize the Love you seek is within you.
May you open your mind and heart to fully Love for the Joy of recognizing your authentic Self.

Loving you in Loving you and making your world a place of Love, 
Betty Lue

What do you need now?
Start your day with enthusiasm.
Begin where you are.
Clean up the messes.
Finish projects.
Throw away clutter.
Organize your time.
Let go of excess.
Love your whole Self Well.
Honor your agreements.
Inspire yourself everyday.
Take as little as you can.
Give as much as you are willing.
End your day with Gratitude.

Whatever your question, Love is the answer.
Love heals.
Love reveals.
Love soothes.
Love awakens.
Love transforms.
Love creates.
Love listens.
Love learns.
Love trusts.
Love set free.
Love brings life.
Love brings rest.
Love is the best.
Love lasts.
Love works fast.
Love is good.
Love blesses.
Love is willing.
Love flows.

Love lets go.