Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

I choose love, peace and joy.
I give my best and let the rest go with love.
I honor, trust and respect myself in all I do.
I live my life truly and am content.

Why Are You Here?
What is your True Purpose?
How are you to Live?
What can you do to make a Difference?

This is the Year of the Horse, the Wood Horse.
See the Taoist Astrology interpretation in menu bar to the left.
The Horse is energetic, fast moving and moving ahead.
Wood is for growth and expansion, focus and prosperity.
((I am a Water Horse, which ads the element of playful spontaneity.)

What is your energy?
How do you see yourself in life
Do you know who you really are?
What is your natural way of being?

This is a Chariot Year.
 See Robert's Numerology/Symbology Reading in menu bar to the left.
Once again the energy of moving forward with focus and direction.
Our work is to keep our hands on the reins of our life to provide inner direction.

This is our time to go with the flow of the Highest Calling.
This is our time to stop allowing others to lead us.
This is our time to choose the best and forgive the rest.
We are here to make a difference by honoring our place in the circle of humanity.

Consider making your own simple list of goals.
Make the goals be about the quality of your life, rather than things.
Make a list of what you want to experience, rather than what to do.
Consider looking at the values and principles by which you live and give.

Spiritual goals are about giving, not getting.
Inspired goals are about having and sharing.
Loving goals are about being kind and generous.
Healing goals are about using your life wisely and well, for the Good of All.

The young soul complains and whines to get its way.
The mature soul works to master, manipulate and control to live its own way.
The old soul allows every moment to be a time of healing, teaching and caring.
Do you fight to be right and simply choose to be happy?

Somewhere in time, you know what you must do to love you well.
Somewhere in space, you know where you must go to live well by you.
Somewhere in Love, you know how and whom you are called to love.
It is your underlying motivation that determines the experience of grace.

Life is your teacher and your teaching.
You can tell where you are by observing.
You can feel what you know by listening.
You can experience what to give by what works well.

This is your time, your year, your moment to go for it!.
You are at the starting gate.
It is your turn to win or to lose or to teach all to win.
Winning is giving your best to everyone all the time.

Loving you.
I am ready, willing and able.
Are You?

Betty Lue