Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All I Do, I Do For All!

I easily change my thoughts and behavior to the best I know.
I treat everyone with the respect I seek.
I quickly forgive myself for the mistakes I make.
I easily undo what I do not want to reinforce or teach.
I clear my mind and extend only peace and love.

When we give to one, we give to all.
When we love even One, we all loving everyone.
Let us remember to contribute our best.
I know when my life has made a difference in even one life, it has benefitted all

Love every child.
Listen to one child with your heart.
Let one child know you care.
Share your happiness with one child.

No more yelling.
No more shaming and blaming.
No more abusing and confusing.
No more creating fear.

Teach helpfulness.
Show kindness.
Demonstrate responsibility.
Appreciate willingness.

Love every elder.
Take time to listen.
Be willing to lend a hand.
Offer help when asked.

No more belittling.
No more making wrong.
No more dismissing and demeaning.
No more mocking and demanding.

Treat each one with respect.
Listen with compassion.
Accept all the differences.
Be gentle with helpfulness.

Take time to understand.
Stand up for those who cannot do for themselves.
Speak up against bullying within families.
Stop violent words and actions.

We live in a time where violence seems to be freely accepted.
Violent words used on people and heard by infants are leaving their imprint.
Bullying seems to be accepted in families so children learn from parents.
If we cannot stop inappropriate behavior without threats of harm, we have erred.

Let us change ourselves….no more swearing, damning, cursing.
No more threatening ourselves and others.
No more hurtful thoughts, words or behaviors.
No more watching violent words or behavior on TV, movies, or in our families.

I give to you, to myself and my grandkids, the best I know.
I share with you what will change the world to one of kindness and respect.
I trust the change begins with me and all I affirm and choose to see.
When I am at peace and not a source of anger or threat, others learn to treat me with respect.

And so it is, you change the world you see, simply by forgiving and loving yourself and me.
I am loving you and all, one person at a time.
Betty Lue

No more violent behavior in your home or workplace.
No more threatening words or disrespect.
No more yelling or screaming words you regret.
No more damning or cursing the ones you love.
No more ignorant behavior or doing harm.
No more being immature in your treatment of others.

Time to stop and choose again with wisdom and love.