Thursday, December 12, 2013

Start Having Fun!

I am willing to be open-minded and light-hearted.
I now attract more fun with my joyful attitude.
I give myself positive experiences everyday.
I give and receive all Good and only Good.

Stop talking about your problems!
Stop sharing your old stories!
Stop complaining about what is wrong!
Stop whining about how you feel1

Start talking about what you appreciate!
Start sharing your new ideas and aspirations!
Start celebrating what is working for you!
Start appreciating what you have and do!

We are at choice.
Life out-pictures our choices.
We can make problems or possibilities.
We can choose affirmation or depression.

Life is our learning laboratory.
When we err, we feel guilt and fear.
When we get off  course, we feel bumped.
Every upset is a “wake up call”.

When we keep thinking about mistakes, we make more mistakes.
When we keep talking about problems, we experience more problems.
When we act like victims and play “poor me”, we are treated like victims and avoided or patronized.
When we stop complaining and draining ourselves and other, we can fill up with gratitude and joy.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.
life is meant to be a place of freedom and trust.
Life is an adventure to learn and grow, to live and know the Truth.
We are creating everything we experience according ot our thoughts and words and beliefs.

Believe in your Good and you will attract more Good.
Speak with respect and your will receive more respect.
Act with purpose and focus, love and generosity and you will receive more gratitude and love.
Wake up and live like all your thoughts, words and deeds matter….because they do!

Start where you are.  
One day at a time.
Give yourself one happy experience each day.
Break the negative habit.

Begin to seek out what makes you smile.
Look for happy people and places.
Listen to positive music and conversations.
Give yourself a Loving Remnders each day.

Go to bed with gratitude.
Forgive yourself for complaining.
Trust yourself to create more fun in your life.
Look forward to special times and treasures.

You deserve all Good and only Good.
Your life can be fun, safe and easy.
You are the one who chooses.
What will it be?

Loving You in Loving You!

Betty Lue